What do you mean el?

: the letter l. el. noun (2), often capitalized. Definition of el (Entry 2 of 3) : an urban railway that operates chiefly on an elevated structure also : a train belonging to such a railway The big stores.

What does aj mean in court?

Administrative judge (AJ), in the context of federal administrative law, refers to a federal agency employee who presides over informal administrative adjudication proceedings.

What does aj mean in law?

Associate Judges* In Writing. The Honourable Associate Justice (Surname) Suprem​e Court of New South Wales.

What does el mean after a last name?

El is one of the two main elements meaning “God” in Hebrew names; the other one is Yahu/Jah as in Elijah, Jonathan. This explains Michael, Daniel, and Nathaniel. Rachel is a different case, though. It just means ‘ewe’.

What does el mean in spanish names?

El is the singular, masculine definite article, meaning “the,” in Spanish and is used to define masculine nouns, while la is the feminine version.

What does el mean in front of name?

The definite articles in Spanish are el and la, both meaning, “the.” El is used to modify masculine nouns or places. La is used to modify feminine nouns or places. The only case where the definite article is used in almost all cases is if you are modifying a country or place with an adjective or a prepositional phrase.

What does el mean in legal terms?

abbreviation for the Latin phrase et alii meaning “and others.” This is commonly used in shortening the name of a case, as in “Pat Murgatroyd v. Sally Sherman, et al.” The People’s Law Dictionary by Gerald and Kathleen Hill Publisher Fine Communications. Place this dictionary on your site.

What does el mean in math?


What does el mean in scrabble?

1 definition found From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]: EL n 1: angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object) [syn: {elevation}, {EL}, {altitude}, {ALT}] 2: a railway that is powered by electricity and that runs on a track that is raised above the street level [syn: {elevated railway}, {elevated …

What does etvir stand for?

Et vir is a Latin phrase meaning “and husband”. It is used in legal literature to indicate a couple comprising an identified woman and her otherwise unidentified husband. The U.S. Supreme Court case Troxel et vir v. Granville is an example of modern legal usage of the Latin phrase.

What does hol mean in medical terms?

Prefixes meaning complete, entire, or homogeneous.

What does holos mean in greek?

The Greek word ολοσ (holos) means entire or whole. Now you might think that the English word whole has the same origin, but you would be wrong. The Greek ολοσ comes from an Indo-European root SOLO, meaning whole, firm, sound, or correct.

What does hong mean in korean?

Revised Romanization. Hong. McCune–Reischauer. Hong. Hong is the common English spelling of 홍, in hanja, it means “wide” or “big”.

What does jj stand for law?

Noun. JJ. (law, postnominal) Alternative form of JJ (“abbreviation of judges or justices”); plural of J.

What does catch 40 winks mean?

Catch Forty Winks Meaning Definition: To take a brief nap. The phrase to catch forty winks means to take a short nap. It is not normally used when talking about sleeping through the night. This idiom first became popular during the 19th century and originated in Britain.

What does et al mean on tax bill?

If the wife is listed first on the deed then the records will read Et Vir to include husband. If the husband is listed first on the deed then the records will read Et Ux to include wife. Again, Et Al means other persons (other than husband and wife).

What does etal mean on a property?

Et al. refers to everyone who has an ownership interest in the property title. Having an ownership interest is called being “vested” in the title. If numerous people are passing their property on and numerous people are inheriting the property, then et al. could be used to summarize all the names.

What does f2 mean?

f(2) means that we should find the value of our function when x equals 2. Example.

What does the root word hol mean?

before vowels, hol-, word-forming element meaning “whole, entire, complete,” from Greek holos “whole, entire, complete,” also “safe and sound;” as a noun, “the universe,” as an adverb, “on the whole;” from PIE *sol-wo-, from root *sol- “whole.” Often translated as whole, which it resembles but with which it apparently …

What does the word el means?

The Hebrew form (אל) appears in Latin letters in Standard Hebrew transcription as El and in Tiberian Hebrew transcription as ʾĒl. El is a generic word for god that could be used for any god, including Hadad, Moloch, or Yahweh.

What does the word insidious?

Definition of insidious 1a : having a gradual and cumulative effect : subtle the insidious pressures of modern life. b of a disease : developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent. 2a : awaiting a chance to entrap : treacherous. b : harmful but enticing : seductive insidious drugs.

What is baal worship?

Baal, god worshipped in many ancient Middle Eastern communities, especially among the Canaanites, who apparently considered him a fertility deity and one of the most important gods in the pantheon.

What is el name in english?

The definite articles in Spanish are el and la, both meaning, “the.” El is used to modify masculine nouns or places.

What is a 4 letter word that starts with al?

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What is a 5 letter word that starts with al?

alaap alack
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What is a 7 letter color?

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What is a word that ends with ly?

accidentally accusingly adamantly
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