What is the minimum withdrawal on okex?

Coin Withdrawal Fee Minimum Withdrawal Amount
XLM Stellar $0.002 0.016 XLM $3.81 21 XLM
DGB DigiByte $0.003 0.16 DGB $1.88 100 DGB
WTC Waltonchain $0.003 0.008 WTC $0.004 0.01 WTC
O OKT OEC Token $0.003 0.0001 OKT $0.04 0.001 OKT

When did feg token start?

When did FEG Token start? The earliest trading data for FEG Token is on January of 2021 (based on current exchange data).

Where can i buy dogecoin in india?

If you wish to buy Dogecoin in India you will need to set up your account on crypto exchanges that support Dogecoin. WazirX, is one such platform that allows its users to buy, sell or trade in Dogecoin.

Where can i buy gari tokens?

How to buy GARI token. GARI Network token has been listed on several exchanges including OKEX, Bitbns, FTX, KuCoin, Huobi Gobal and MEXC Global. You may buy GARI toke on these exchanges. (Crypto tokens are unregulated assets in India.

Where is dogecoin today?

Price Value
Today/Current/Last 9.79
1 Day Return 3.70%

Which crypto exchange has kishu inu?

Global cryptocurrency exchange, OKEx, has listed more coins like axie infinity (AXS), gala (GALA), dogecoin (DOGE), shiba inu (SHIB), baby doge (BABYDOGE), kishu inu (KISHU), and dogelon mars (ELON) under its express buy trading option.

Who satoshi nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym who penned the original Bitcoin whitepaper and is the identity credited with inventing Bitcoin itself. While several people have claimed to be Satoshi, the true identity has never been verified nor revealed. Given the price of BTC today, Satoshi would be a billionaire.

Who got rich from bitcoin?

FTX cofounder Sam Bankman-Fried has amassed $22.5 billion before turning 30 by profiting off the cryptocurrency boom – but he’s not a true believer. He just wants his wealth to survive long enough to give it all away.

Who is the ceo of ethereum?

Vitalik Buterin
Known for Ethereum, Bitcoin Magazine
Awards Thiel Fellowship
Scientific career
Fields Digital contracts, digital currencies, game theory

Why do i need 32 ethereum?

With easier hardware requirements and the opportunity to pool if you don’t have 32 ETH, more people will be able to join the network. This will make Ethereum more decentralized and secure by decreasing the attack surface area.

When kishu inu coin started?

KISHU launched on April 17, 2021 and quickly became one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of 2021.

Can i buy lovely inu coin in india?

Methods To Buy Lovely INU Coin: There are two methods of purchasing Lovely INU coin currently which are buying it on some exchange or through your crypto wallet using Pancakeswap.

Does bitmart steal your money?

1 While BitMart offers all the features you’d expect from a global crypto exchange, it was hacked in December 2021, which resulted in a $196 million cryptocurrency theft. BitMart supports trading for over 800 cryptocurrencies.

How do i claim kishu inu rewards?

Users can go to web-end “Asset Management-My Assets-Fund Account-Search for KISHU-Click to Receive” on the OKEx website. All airdrops received will go directly to your OKEx fund account.

How high are shiba coins?

FXStreet predicts SHIB’s current momentum will lead to strong near-term growth. It believes Shiba Inu could go up to $0.0000411.

How high will dogecoin go the future?

The Economy Forecast Agency predicts downside for Dogecoin after a failure to reach $1. Instead, they expect Dogecoin to only ever reach as high as $0.40 again in the future.

How many shibs does ryoshi?

The founder also stated that he is not a SHIB-millionaire, either. “The reality is still to this day I own 0 SHIB,” Ryoshi said. “I can’t be pure and unbiased if I am worried about price up and down and taking profits.”

Is bitmart good for crypto?

Level Trade Volume (30d) & BMX Holding Fee Rate
Pro9 BTC ≥ 25,000 & BMX ≥ 50,000,000 Maker: 0.0150% Taker: 0.0200%

Is bitmart trustable?

Since day one of its existence, BitMart has proven to be a safe Crypto trading platform to store personal information and fund.

Is india banning crypto?

India has had a hot-and-cold relationship with digital currencies, which existed in a grey area. In 2018, it effectively banned crypto transactions, but the Supreme Court struck down the restriction in March 2020.

What is the rsi of dogecoin?

Name Value Action
RSI(14) 44.106 Sell
STOCH(9,6) 63.145 Buy
STOCHRSI(14) 100.000 Overbought
MACD(12,26) -0.001 Sell

When was ftm coin launched?

The Fantom Foundation, which oversees the Fantom product offering, was originally created in 2018, with the launch of OPERA, Fantom’s mainnet, coming in December 2019. Fantom is an open-source decentralized smart contract platform for DApps and digital assets that was created as an alternative to Ethereum.

When was shiba coin launched?

The Shiba Inu coin was created in August 2020 by an anonymous person named Ryoshi.

Who invented nft?

2014. On May 3, 2014, Kevin McCoy, a digital artist, minted the first-known NFT “Quantum.” Quantum is a pixelated octagon filled with different shapes that pulse in a quite hypnotic way. On November 28. 2021, the one-of-a-kind Quantum art piece sold for over $1.4 million in a Sotheby auction.

Will doge reach 10 dollars?

It is a possibility, but extremely unlikely for Dogecoin to Reach $10. The value of Dogecoin depends on two factors – the market cap and the mining dynamics. Understanding the total coins in circulation and the current price, we can estimate the market cap and draw realistic projections.

When was kishu inu coin launched?

In 2013, a new cryptocurrency called Dogecoin was created as a joke mocking the Bitcoin craze. And yet, Dogecoin has become a surprisingly valuable cryptocurrency. Last year in August, a mysterious developer began issuing the Shiba Inu coin, Dogecoin’s canine mascot, parodying the initial joke.

When was kishu inu coin created?

It does sound similar, doesn’t it? Kishu Inu is said to be another cryptocurrency that is influenced by Dogecoin, a meme-based cryptocurrency that is known to have Shiba Inu’s face on its coin, introduced a couple of years ago, back in 2013, and which got a lot of success and popularity from all around the world.

Do you have to report crypto if you don’t sell?

Buying crypto on its own isn’t a taxable event. You can buy and hold cryptocurrency without any taxes, even if the value increases. There needs to be a taxable event first such as selling the cryptocurrency. The IRS has been taking steps to ensure that crypto investors pay their taxes.