What makes a phantom poodle?

Phantom poodles must have a ky/ky genotype (non-solid black that allows other colors to be expressed) plus an E (allows for brindling) or EM (gives a black mask) , and also be at/at (the gene that allows for tan points).

When should you clip a poodle puppy?

Officially it is best to wait until your new puppy is 8-weeks old, and can leave their mother before you consider getting them groomed. Once the puppy has been introduced to its new home and has established relations with the new owner they can think about getting the puppy groomed.

Which is better male or female standard poodle?

Which Gender Is Better with Other Pets? Male poodles tend to be more playful, loveable, and trusting. They are more likely to do better about getting along with other dogs and household pets. Because females are more independent and like to assert their dominance, they may be less likely to tolerate other pets.

Why do poodles shake?

Feeling anxious, nervous or stressed can cause a Poodle of any variety and any age to shake. There are some common triggers such as being in a new home, dealing with a sudden onslaught of new people or being put into a new situation or event that the dog is not socialized to.

Why do you band poodle hair?

Poodles usually hate when their ear hair is pulled. This means, the hair from the front of the head to the front corner of the two ears is divided in half across the skull. Band these two sections of hair together.

Why is my poodle so needy?

Sudden, Intense Clingy Behavior Most Poodles will cling for a while; however will gradually return to normal behavior anywhere from minutes to several hours. Teasing/bullying – If a Poodle is consistently bothered, this may cause him to be clingy whenever he is free from that situation.

Are poodles hard to take care of?

Poodles do, however, require a high level of maintenance to keep their coat in good condition. You should consider if grooming costs for your dog fit into the monthly budget, as they will need to visit a professional groomer every 3-6 weeks.

Are poodles a good first dog?

Poodles are highly intelligent dogs and adept at learning new tricks and commands. They are also playful, loyal and loving, all of which makes them a great choice for first-time owners. Poodles are also a high-energy breed and most need at least two walks a day.

Are poodles good for anxiety?

Standard poodles make great companions for those in need of stress reduction, and their tidy coats make them a breed welcome in homes with allergy sufferers. Standard poodles are very smart, friendly and have optimistic demeanors, which can’t help but rub off on their owners.

Are poodles good lap dogs?

A highly intelligent and playful dog, Miniature and Toy Poodles make for great lap dogs and companions.

Are poodles high-maintenance?

Poodles are high-maintenance dogs. He requires regular grooming, every three to six weeks, sometimes more often, to keep the coat in good condition. If you are considering a Poodle, consider the upkeep of the coat and expense of grooming.

Are poodles stubborn dogs?

Personality and Temperament Poodles can be stubborn so consistency in training is key. Although there are three sizes with many similarities, there are key differences as well. Standard poodles are the most obedient, like to have a job, and are shyer than the smaller versions.

Are poodles nice?

Poodles are generally great family dogs and are friendly and accepting of animals in the house. They’re gentle and polite with kids, but because of their hypersensitive nature they can be easily overwhelmed by small, loud children and will need time to decompress.

Are poodles stubborn dogs?

Personality and Temperament Poodles can be stubborn so consistency in training is key. Although there are three sizes with many similarities, there are key differences as well. Standard poodles are the most obedient, like to have a job, and are shyer than the smaller versions.

Can poodle puppies eat carrots?

Yes, dogs can eat carrots. Carrots are an excellent low-calorie snack that is high in fiber and beta-carotene, which produces vitamin A. Plus, crunching on this orange veggie is great for your dog’s teeth (and fun).

Can you leave poodles home alone?

The guideline is 1 hour per month of age. Therefore, 2 months equates to 2 hours, 3 months equates to 3 hours, and 1-year-old poodle puppies can be left alone for 8-9 hours. However, since poodles are social creatures, long periods of alone time may bore them and they could turn destructive.

Can you use pantene on a dog?

Is it safe to use Pantene shampoo on dogs? The short answer is yes. Acidity, or pH balance, varies among breeds, and your dog may have more acidic skin than other dogs.

Do poodle puppies chew a lot?

Overview. While puppies are usually most infamous for destroying shoes, books and just about anything that they can get their mouths on, adult Poodles can have chewing issues also! Puppies will chew to explore their world & ease the intense feelings of teething.

Do poodles like being groomed?

Poodles of all ages must be groomed regularly. But it also forces their owners to groom them a lot more frequently than they would have to if they had a dog with fur. If a poodle isn’t groomed often enough, their hair will continue to grow and grow and grow some more and become matted over time.

Do poodle puppies shed?

Most dogs shed their puppy coat to make room for their adult coat around four to six months of age. However, poodle puppies tend to blow their coat later: Standard poodles usually lose their puppy coat around nine to 16 months of age. Miniature and toy poodles tend to shed their puppy coat earlier at nine months.

Do poodle puppies sleep a lot?

Puppies – Poodle puppies up the age of 8 months can sleep anywhere from 15 to 20 hours per day! Their sleeping needs will decrease with age. With puppies, it is very normal to sleep quite a bit and to be extremely active while awake.

Do poodles chew furniture?

Adult Poodles will chew to help cope with Separation Anxiety and ease boredom. Don’t worry; No matter how old your Poodle is , or whether your have a Toy, Miniature or Standard, help is here!

Does poodle puppy hair fall out?

Just like human hair, it grows and some hairs do fall out. When the hairs fall out of a Poodle’s coat, they often fall back into the coat. Therefore, a Poodle does not shed in the traditional sense of canine shedding.

How quickly do poodles learn?

A Poodle can start learning obedience commands very young, as a puppy of 6-8 weeks. Your young Poodle may take a while to learn all the obedience commands, but never underestimate your smart little Poodle dog, he may surprise you with how quick he takes to obedience training.