Who makes pool frog?

King Technology® is the maker of FROG Products. At King Technology, enriching people’s lives is what we aim to do every day.

Why are my chlorine tablets not dissolving in floater?

It could be that they’re compressing the tablets more than they used to, making them harder to dissolve. You really do need a good test kit of you don’t already have one.

Why are my chlorine tablets not dissolving?

If the tablets are not dissolving, and you get a strong smell of chlorine when you open the chlorinator, you probably have a bad check valve in the chlorinator. It is not allowing any water to move through the chlorinator, and any water that is there simply sits there and builds up a yellowish chlorine gas.

Why did my pool turn green after i shocked it?

Pools can immediately turn green after shocking when they have metals like copper or iron in the water. These metals oxidize when exposed to high levels of chlorine which makes the pool water turn green. Metals in the water are caused by some algaecides and using well water.

Why is my mineral pool green?

The most common reason pool water turns green is due to algae growing in the water. Algae can grow rapidly, particularly in hot weather, which is why it can surprise you overnight during the warmer months. This generally comes down to an imbalance or lack of chlorine in the water.

Why is my pool not blue?

Cloudy or milky swimming pool water is caused by seven main issues: improper levels of chlorine, imbalanced pH and alkalinity, very high calcium hardness (CH) levels, faulty or clogged filter, early stages of algae, ammonia, and debris.

Why is my pool showing no free chlorine?

If you test your pool water and can’t get a chlorine reading, it may be due to your pool’s high demand for chlorine. A high chlorine demand (sometimes referred as chlorine lock), simply means that although your water may appear clear and balanced, the chlorine in your pool is ineffective.

Why is pool cloudy after shocking?

But if the cloudy water persists long after you’ve shocked the pool, you’re likely having an issue with water balance, circulation, or filtration. Heavy use of a calcium based pool shock (cal-hypo) may increase Calcium Hardness over a period of time, increasing your odds of cloudy water.

Why is pool still green after shocking it?

Algae will remain in your pool after shock if you’ve had insufficient chlorine and an overabundance of metal elements in the pool water. Therefore, to start the cleaning process. Remove all the debris from the pool with a leaf net and then let the smaller dirt fragments settle.

Will shock raise free chlorine?

Total chlorine is simply the combination of free and combined chlorine. Shocking then releases the combined chlorine and off-gasses the contaminants, increasing the amount of free chlorine in your pool or spa.

Will tap water dechlorinate naturally?

Leave the water outside in the sun for 24 hours so the chlorine naturally evaporates in an off-gassing process. This is easy, but takes time and leaves the water subject to other possible contaminates, so be mindful of where and how you leave it.

Will vinegar lower ph in pool?

Ordinary household vinegar could in theory be used to lower the pH of your pool. The pH of vinegar is about 2.5, which is quite acidic when compared to your pool water. Household vinegar is very weak though (when compared to a strong acid like muriatic acid), so you would need quite a bit to lower pH.

How to refill pool frog bac pac?

I have a shed i store the pool frog cartridges in. id gets hot and the seal broke when i squeezed the canister. i then thought at $20 a pop , that i would somehow put chlorine tabs in my self. I take a large puck and hold in hand and hit with hammer , then i put pieces in. (usually 4 pucks). i work in body shop so i use quickset 50 epoxy and i just seal it back. Works fine. did 4 today and saved almost $80…. i break it so the water is exposed to many edges like the small tablets. I havent just put 4 pucks in. also, dont put alot of anything on the outside cause it wont fit back inside mineral sleeve. use a hard glue or epox so when its empty you can squeeze cannister and brek seal and just keep doing it again. please let me know how everyone makes out and if could be doing something better, thanks enjoy your pools!!!

Are magnesium pools worth it?

Not only does the magnesium pool offer health benefits, but mineral or magnesium pools also claim to offer a superior swimming experience. The water is said to be clearer, have a silky smooth feel, and is gentler on the skin and eyes — particularly beneficial for people with skin ailments, like psoriasis or eczema.

Are saltwater pools better?

Pros of Saltwater Pools There’s less chlorine and less of the heavy chemical scent and content. They’re gentler on the skin, with less irritation to the eyes, hair and swimsuits. The water has a softer, silkier feel to it compared to chlorine water. They have lower maintenance costs than chlorine pools.

Are skimmer tablets the same as chlorine tablets?

They are not chlorine tablets. You have to use liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets to keep your chlorine up. These tablets are just used to keep my pool water crystal clear all summer.

Can i add salt and chlorine at the same time?

If your pool is truly low in salt, then you can add salt at any time, but you need to use external sources of chlorine such as chlorinating liquid to shock your pool to kill the algae; you can’t kill the algae in a bloom fast enough with an SWG alone..

Can i add shock and chlorine at the same time?

It Should Not Be Done Together This is because when you mix chlorine and algaecide together, it renders both of them useless. Hence, you should first shock the pool and wait for the chlorine levels to fall below 5 PPM.

Can i change my salt pool to mineral pool?

A Magnesium mineral system can be used with a standard salt chlorinator, as it still uses chlorine to sanitise the pool water, so there’s no need to replace or upgrade a salt chlorinator to a specific magnesium system in order to use minerals in your pool.

Can i just put chlorine tablets in my pool?

Warning. NEVER just throw them into your pool water. This will cause them to dissolve on the floor and it can damage and create a permanent bleach stain to your liner or concrete.