Is pain a concrete or abstract noun?

Feelings States Qualities
Pain Liberty Courage
Pleasure Luxury Dedication
Satisfaction Misery Determination
Sensitivity Nervousness Generosity

Is sea a common noun?

A large body of salty water. (Major seas are known as oceans.) A large number or quantity; a vast amount.

Is sea a plural noun?

The plural of ‘sea’ is ‘seas’.

Is the sea a countable noun?

Explanation: Actually “sea” is a countable and an uncountable noun (according to the Cambridge Dictionary). The definition of a sea is almost the same as the defintion for an “ocean” (i.e. salty water / not fresh water).

Is tortoise a common noun or proper noun?

tortoise and rabbit are proper nouns.

Is water hose one word?

noun, plural hose for 2, 3; hos·es for 1, 4, 5; (Archaic) hos·en [hoh-zuhn]. a flexible tube for conveying a liquid, as water, to a desired point: a garden hose; a fire hose.

What colour is fish?

The colouration of a fish is produced by three colour pigments which are largely contained within cells called Chromatophores. The 3 pigments are Erythrin (Red), Melanin (Black), and Xanthin (Yellow) each of which occurs in different chromatophores.

What are dolphins a symbol of?

Dolphin Symbolism and Meaning The dolphin is associated with both water and air elements, living in both realms, symbolizing both the emotional and intellectual traits. The dolphin is a symbol of protection for its presence in stories about saving the drowning sailors or other humans in distress.

What are sea turtles description?

Sea turtles are large, air-breathing reptiles that inhabit tropical and subtropical seas throughout the world. Their shells consist of an upper part (carapace) and a lower section (plastron). … Their streamlined bodies and large flippers make them remarkably adapted to life at sea.

What class is a sea turtle?

Class – Reptilia Reptiles are a class of cold-blooded vertebrates – their body temperature varies with their environment. Reptiles include snakes, lizards, crocodiles, and turtles.

What color are terrapins?

The male river terrapins also change colors during the mating season. Their shells are usually a pale gray that goes unnoticed, but during the mating season, their shells become darker, almost black.

What does cobol stand for?

COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language. It is imperative, procedural, and object-oriented. A compiler is a computer program that takes other computer programs written in a high-level (source) language and coverts them into another program, machine code, which the computer can understand.

What does it mean when someone calls you a hammer head?

a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone’s intelligence. synonyms: blockhead, bonehead, dunce, dunderhead, knucklehead, loggerhead, lunkhead, muttonhead, numskull.

What is cliff plural?

cliff /ˈklɪf/ noun. plural cliffs.

What is a group of sea turtle eggs called?

2. Sea turtles lay their eggs in a nest they dig in the sand with their rear flippers. The group of eggs is called a clutch. They usually lay 100-125 eggs per nest and will nest multiple times, about two weeks apart, over several months.

What is a pen of logo?

penup or pu means pick pen up, so you can move turtle without leaving tracks. pendown or pd means pick pen down, so you can move the turtle and leave tracks. hideturtle or ht means hide the turtle, so you can admire your drawing.

What is the collective noun for a group of penguins?

A group of penguins in the water is called a ‘raft’, a group of penguins on land is called a ‘waddle’. Other collective nouns for penguins include rookery, colony, and huddle. 3.

What is the collective noun of turtles?

Just like we call a group of fish a school, a group of squirrels a dray, or like how herd is the name for a group of cows, a group of turtles is called a ‘bale’ in a fanciful way. Several collective nouns describe a group of turtles, but bale is the most common one.

What is the collective nouns of whales?

Whales live in groups called pods. This is like a family, however they don’t have to be blood related to belong to a pod.

What is the full form of ram *?

Random-access memory (RAM; /ræm/) is a form of computer memory that can be read and changed in any order, typically used to store working data and machine code.

What is the full name of internet?

INTERNET stands for Interconnected Network is a network system that connects millions of web servers. The full meaning of the INTERNET can also be explained by the bunch of websites of different organisations, schools, institutions and more. With the help of the INTERNET, the world is connected.

What is the full name of logo?

Full-Form of LOGO is Language of Graphics Oriented. LOGO is a computer programming language that is used for functional programming. LOGO is an adaptation of the Lisp language.

What is the noun form of sea?

singular sea
plural seas