Are there otters in lake winnipesaukee?

Lake Winnipesaukee is home to many species of animal including otters, beaver, muskrat, mink, fisher, moose, deer, black bear, coyote, and bobcats. Only one dam releases water from Lake Winnipesaukee. It is located at the southern edge of Paugus Bay in Lakeport.

Are there otters in ohio river?

River Otters are native to Ohio but in the early 1900s they were extirpated from the state due to poor water quality. Throughout the twentieth century, Ohio waterways started to bounce back and in 1986 the Division of Wildlife decided to reintroduce otters to the state.

Are there otters in otter creek?

Mammals As one might expect, there are river otters in Otter Creek and its adjoining wetlands. Muskrat and beaver inhabit the waters of the WMA, and mink and fox prowl the edges. … Birds All manner of wetland and water birds are attracted to the WMA with its protected waters and marshes.

Are there otters in sw florida?

They are found throughout Florida except for the Keys, but they are shy creatures and are seldom seen except by quiet kayakers. Southwest Florida, with its abundance of creeks, swamps, and ponds, is a great place for this member of the weasel family to live.

Are there otters in san diego?

Sea otters are rare in San Diego, and it could be “several decades or more” until a steady population is established locally, according to Lilian Carswell, southern sea otter coordinator for Fish and Wildlife.

Are there otters in west tennessee?

Otter populations had declined in Tennessee due to over trapping and water pollution, but are rebounding. They are common in some rivers and streams in Tennessee, while rare in others.

Are there otters in southwest michigan?

The river otter makes its home near the water. … Historically, river otters were present throughout most of North America, including southeast Michigan and southwest Ontario. One Monroe County, Michigan, creek is even named Otter Creek, a testament to how common they were during the late 1700s.

Are there otters in southwest ohio?

“Sightings of river otter have been fairly rare in southwest Ohio, but have been increasing. They were reintroduced to the eastern portion of the state in the 1980s and have been spreading ever since.” … “In 1986, the Ohio Division of Wildlife began a seven-year project to reintroduce the species to the state.

Are there otters in the cumberland river?

Today, river otter numbers are highest in the northern third of the state, throughout the Purchase Region, and counties that border the Ohio River and the lower reaches of the Tennessee, Cumberland, Green, Salt, Kentucky and Licking Rivers.

Are there otters in the guadalupe river?

Calkins has received verified or reliable reports of otter sightings from the lower Guadalupe River drainage (Gonzales, Victoria), as far west as the Llano River and as far northwest as Henrietta, near Wichita Falls.

Are there porcupines in kentucky?

There are plenty of common critters that make life as a homeowner difficult and frustrating. Kentucky has the most common home invader in the country: the house mouse. It also has rats, raccoons, opossums, woodchucks, prairie dogs, porcupines, otters, beavers, and snakes.

Are there porcupines in michigan?

In the eastern United States, they can be found in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and New England. Habitat: Porcupines prefer forests with both hardwood and softwood trees, though they may be found in desert chaparral in northern Mexico. Diet: Porcupines are herbivorous.

Are there porcupines in west virginia?

Porcupines seem like a common enough animal, but they actually aren’t, historically, in West Virginia. These rodents are native to Appalachia, but their home habitat has traditionally been farther north, in the Allegheny region of Pennsylvania.

Are there river otters in austin texas?

Along the Texas Gulf Coast region, otters also live in marshes, bayous, and brackish inlets. Although the River Otter is currently found in the eastern half of the state, it was probably once distributed throughout the Panhandle, north-central, and southern Texas.

Are there river otters in houston?

The elusive, playful creature is even popping up in downtown Houston. With their thick, glistening manes, proclivity for play, and taste for crawfish, members of a growing southeastern species are flocking to Texas.

Are there river otters in ky?

River otters can now be found throughout Kentucky. (Neovison vison), and sometimes beavers (Castor canadensis) and muskrats (Ondatra zibethicus), otters can easily be distinguished from other semi-aquatic mammals by their body characteristics and behavior. Otters have wide heads, often as wide as their necks.

Are there river otters in nh?

Today, otters live in nearly all the rivers, streams, lakes and ponds in New Hampshire. … Streamlined for swimming, with cylindrical bodies and long, tapering, round tails, otters are never far from water. Eyes, plus a flattened dark nose and small rounded ears are towards the top of the skull.

Are there river otters in new hampshire?

River otters are the largest members of the weasel family found in New Hampshire. … Although they are fairly common, few people are lucky enough to see river otters in action. These sleek hunters are active during dawn and dusk and spend much of their time in water-side burrows out of the view of humans.

Are there river otters in vermont?

The river otter is a remarkable animal to watch on the move, either in the water or on the shore. Its dense fur coat is prized by trappers. The loss of habitat and over trapping in the 1800s led to a decline in their numbers in Vermont. However, the river otter has made a comeback since.

Are there sea otters on the east coast?

Sea otters are mainly native to the northeastern seaboards of the Pacific Ocean, so they aren’t spotted in areas like the East Coast or the Gulf of Mexico.