Does turtle pee smell?

Tortoise pee doesn’t have a strong smell at first. That means unless you can see a wet spot or you witness your tort taking a wee, you may be surprised by a stinky, damp, hidden spot a week or so later.

Is it illegal to own snakes in hawaii?

Snakes are illegal in Hawaii. They have no natural predators here and pose a serious threat to Hawaii’s environment because they compete with native animal populations for food and habitat. … Large snakes can also be a danger to the public and small pets.

What does baby turtles mean in a dream?

When baby turtles show up in dreams, there is massive long-term growth headed your way. Giant turtles in a dream represent a big issue that you can no longer ignore related to something moving too slowly in your life.

Do sea turtles eat fish?

The carnivorous loggerhead and mainly plant-eating green turtle both were shown to be consuming plastic in alarming quantities, according to a study from the University of Tokyo.

Are sea turtles fish?

Sea turtles are often consumed during the Catholic season of Lent, even though they are reptiles, not fish.

Can turtles be with koi fish?

This is a tricky question because technically yes, they can live together but it may take some work on your part and the risk of losing your precious koi. While turtles and koi have their own food requirements, they have considerable overlap and neither the turtles nor the fish have complicated diets.

Do fish clean sea turtles?

Some surgeonfish can help save coral reefs, too But surgeonfish service goes beyond just cleaning turtles and other animals. They also munch on the algae found on reefs, which otherwise smother the coral.

Do fish eat baby sea turtles?

Any type of carnivorous fish, such as grouper, snapper, rockfish and barracuda will prey on the baby sea turtles as they cross the reefs to reach deeper water. Sharks, especially tiger sharks, will also prey on adults and baby sea turtles.

Do fish hooks dissolve in turtles?

If you hooked it deep in its mouth than most likely in a couple weeks the stomach acid will erode the hook right out with no worse to the turtle. If you hooked em in the hard part of their mouth than most likely the turtle will eventually pry it out by himself or it will eventually rust out.

Do sea turtles get stoned?

Yes, sea turtles can get high. Research has shown that turtles have cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2. The cannabinoid receptor 1 regulates the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and glutamate. This means that ingesting food with cannabinoid properties can make a sea turtle high.

Do sea turtles have taste buds?

Taste. Some turtle species have taste buds that give them the ability to taste their food as they eat it, but other varieties lack taste buds. Sea turtles, or chelonians, are among those with taste buds.

Do turtles mean no fish?

Fortunately, turtles are no match for fish when it comes to speed and endurance, unless the fish are sick or injured. If a turtle has the ability to catch a fish, it generally means the fish was in poor condition and needed to be removed.

How many eggs does a pond turtle lay?

Females emigrate from their aquatic habitat to an upland location to nest and deposit between one and 13 eggs. Females may lay more than one clutch a year, but they most commonly deposit eggs between May and August.

What are the fish on the backs of sea turtles?

The most obvious hitchhikers catching a ride on a turtles shell are so called remoras. These fish use bigger sea creatures such as sharks, mantas or turtles as a MoneySlot taxi – even if occasionally a rather slow one.

What do pond turtles eat in the wild?

Diet: Western Pond turtles are omnivorous. They eat a variety of insects, tadpoles, frog eggs, snails, leeches, aquatic beetles, dragonfly larvae and fish. Plant foods include filamentous algae, lily pods, tule and cattail roots.

What sea animals eat sea turtles?

Natural Predators Adult sea turtles have a few predators, mostly large sharks. Tiger sharks, in particular, are known for eating sea turtles. Killer whales have been known to prey on leatherback turtles. Fishes, dogs, seabirds, raccoons, ghost crabs, and other predators prey on eggs and hatchlings.

What to do if you catch a snapping turtle while fishing?

Put a stick in its mouth and then use a pair of long pliers to get the hook out. If the hook is in deep or too difficult to get out, don’t risk losing a finger. If the turtle dies then that’s just food for birds or some other mammal later.

Why do barnacles stick to turtles?

Adult barnacles are filter feeders, thus benefit from a constant flow of water around them. As sessile creatures they can achieve that by a) settling in an area with pronounced water movement (e.g. close to shore) or b) settling on a moving substrate such as a sea turtle.

Why do turtles eat other turtles?

The most likely reason why a pet turtle would try to eat another turtle has to do with hunger. A turtle isn’t going to try to kill another turtle unless it is very hungry. If you’re feeding your turtles as normal, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Will a catfish eat a turtle?

Catfish. Catfish can grow quite large and have no problem swallowing small turtles. While turtles don’t usually make up much of a catfish’s diet, they are still known to eat the odd turtle. Catfish are omnivores and mostly bottom feeders; they use their great sense of taste and smell to find food.

Will turtles try to eat each other?

Turtle Cannibalism Isn’t Unheard of Disturbingly, it is indeed possible that one turtle could eat another turtle. Turtle cannibalism isn’t completely unheard of. However, you should know that it’s pretty uncommon for turtles to eat each other.

Do sea turtles have gills?

Sea turtles typically come to the surface of the water to catch their breath. The body of a turtle lacks gills. It depends on its nostrils, lungs, and cloaca to hold its breath underwater. A turtle can neither breathe underwater nor hold its breath forever.

Are urates bad for tortoises?

Urates can vary in consistency from totally liquid to about the same consistency as toothpaste. Urates in your tortoise’s droppings is not necessarily a bad thing.

Do axolotls lose their gills?

Usually, amphibians have gills and live underwater when they are young, but then they lose their gills, develop lungs, and live on land as adults. Axolotls, however, keep their gills and continue living in the water as adults. Their gills are their most recognizable trait because they look like wispy feathers.

Do sea turtles squeak?

Turtles don’t have vocal cords, so all sounds they make come from air squeezing from their lungs and out of their throat. This can produce an array of sounds ranging from hisses, croaks, grunts, honks, moans, or even squeals. All turtles can make a hissing sound.

Do turtles have hands or fins?

Turtles do not have fins. There are over 360 species of turtles that have their own kind of feet that serve unique purposes. Semi aquatics have webbed feet, sea turtles have flippers and terrestrial tortoises have elephantine legs. Aquatic turtles use flippers and webbed feet to paddle while swimming underwater.