How much should my rat terrier weigh?

The Miniature Rat Terrier grows to an average height of about 8 to 14 inches and weighs between 6 to 8 pounds. A fully grown Standard Rat Terrier stands tall at about 14 to 23 inches and weighs between 12-35 pounds.

What can rat terriers eat?

Rat Terriers may benefit from the specialized nutrition and smaller kibble of a small breed dog food. For Rat Terriers who need help with weight management, consider a healthy weight formula. Rat Terrier puppies should eat a small-breed puppy food for their first year of life to aid in their growth and development.

What is a blue rat terrier?

A Bluetick Rat Terrier is the sweet, easy-going, and curious hybrid mix of a Bluetick Coonhound and Rat Terrier. … As their name suggests, they often have a “blue” molten or speckled coat, but can also inherit a white and black coat with tan markings from their Rat Terrier parent breed.

What is the difference between a rat terrier and a jack russell terrier?

Jack Russell is usually smaller than Rat terriers. The range of body size is much higher in Rat terriers than in Jack Russell terrier. Fur coat is rough in Jack Russell, whereas it is smooth in Rat terriers. Rat terriers can live much longer than Jack Russell terriers.

Why is my rat terrier so itchy?

Rat Terriers are generally regarded as a very healthy breed, but are predisposed to some health concerns: Allergies. … Signs of environmental allergies and food allergies are different but often include very itchy skin, scratching, licking, ear infections or chewing the affected area.

Why is my rat terrier wheezing?

If your dog is gagging or retching in addition to wheezing, it could be a sign that something is stuck in the windpipe. A wheeze accompanied by a cough could indicate an upper respiratory infection, kennel cough, lower airway disease, or a foreign body stuck in the trachea.

How smart are rat terriers?

Rat Terriers tend to be both intelligent and stubborn, knowing how to get what they want when they want it. They are also considered good family pets because of their energy and compatibility with kids. They are playful and require much exercise.

Are rat terriers barkers?

The Rattie generally isn’t much of a barker, but he is vocal and will “talk” to you frequently by grousing, grumbling, and mumbling, as well as by using his paws to get your attention. Rat Terriers are active, intelligent and clever, and they love their people.

Are rat terriers easy to train?

Trainability: Because Rat Terriers are people-oriented, eager to please, and very intelligent, they are generally easy to train and well mannered. Their lithe little bodies tend to make them great competitors at Agility or Flyball.

Are rat terriers good at agility?

Agility. Agility is one of the best activities for Rat Terriers because each obstacle challenges them both physically and mentally. Though many people think of big dogs when they think of agility, Rat Terriers can excel at this sport using pint-sized equipment and lots of patience.

Are rat terriers hard to housebreak?

Rat Terriers that are crate-trained are easier to housebreak, to keep safe, and to keep out of their characteristic mischief.

Are rat terriers stubborn?

The Rat Terrier has a typical terrier temperament—energetic, bossy, smart but stubborn, and quick to bark. Though they can be well-behaved, it takes early and consistent obedience training to prevent the big dog in a small body attitude terriers often possess.

At what age does a rat terrier stop growing?

Typically, a Toy Rat Terrier reaches their adult size at 12 months old while a Standard Rat Terrier reaches their adult size at the age of between 15 to 18 months, and their weight will stabilize around the age of two years old.

Can rat terriers be aggressive?

Potential animal aggression. Rat Terriers are less scrappy toward other animals than many other terrier breeds. They usually live peacefully with the other pets in their own family. But they are still a determined force to reckon with if they decide to initiate or accept a challenge to fight.

Can rat terriers hike?

This short breed has endless stamina, and they are tough enough to enjoy a variety of different hiking trails. Rat terriers are happy little souls who will love playing outdoors, making them the perfect hiking companion. Cheerful and loving, you can count on their friendliness when they meet other hikers on busy treks.

Do rat terrier dogs swim?

Feisty and fearless is a fair description of this breed. Rat Terriers can be live wires and make fun and affectionate family companions. They are quite good around children, especially when they have been raised together. These Terriers also love the water and are intrepid swimmers, so be careful around swimming pools.

Do rat terriers get winter coats?

Rat Terrier Winter Coat Overview Not only does this breed-specific winter coat provide your Rat Terrier relief from harsh weather, but you’ll find the coat is easy to put on and keep on your Rat Terrier.

Do rat terriers have deep chests?

The Rat Terrier is a well-muscled dog with a deep chest, strong shoulders, solid neck, and powerful legs. Their bodies are compact but meaty. The ears can be upright or tipped and are carried erect when the dog is alert.

Do rat terriers like to be held?

Recognized by the AKC in 2013, the Rat Terrier is generally a wonderful snuggle and travel buddy. In fact, truckers and RV enthusiasts often bring these dogs along for the ride. While he appreciates a good cuddle, Ratties also have lots of energy and need to be engaged with play, training and exercise.