What is the 50% rule in bartending?

What’s the 50% rule? You cannot serve another drink to a customer until their last drink is half empty.

What is the difference between rubbing and isopropyl alcohol?

The main difference between isopropyl alcohol and rubbing alcohol is the concentration. The concentration of isopropyl alcohol is 100%, while the concentration of rubbing alcohol is less because of the addition of water. Otherwise, the two liquids have similar properties.

What is the difference between rum and dark rum?

The main difference between White Rum and Dark Rum is that white rum is aged in big stainless steel barrels whereas dark rum is aged in large charred oak barrels. Also, white rum requires a shorter amount of time to age than the time taken by dark rum.

What is the shelf life of irish cream?

To maximize the shelf life of opened Irish cream liqueur, store the bottle in the refrigerator after opening. How long does opened Irish cream liqueur last in the refrigerator? An opened bottle of Irish cream liqueur will usually keep well for about 12 to 18 months in the refrigerator.

What is vermouth used for?

Dry vermouth, originating in France, is famously used to make martinis and is dry and floral. Sweet vermouth usually comes from Italy, is sweet, spiced, and herbal, and is used in cocktails like Manhattans and negronis. Dry and sweet vermouths are also enjoyed as an aperitif.

What qualifies as top shelf?

Top-shelf liquor, generally the most expensive brands of liquor served in a bar or nightclub. … The upper section of netting on a Goal (ice hockey), between the crossbar and the horizontal backbar.

What should i clean my phone with?

The best way to clean your smartphone safely without damaging its screen or internal components is to wipe it down with a lightly dampened microfiber cloth. Apple also recently said that it’s safe to clean its products with a Clorox Disinfectant Wipe or 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe.

What’s leftover alcohol called?

Grappa is made by distilling the skins, pulp, seeds, and stems (i.e., the pomace) left over from winemaking after pressing the grapes. It was originally made to prevent waste by using these leftovers. A similar drink, known as acquavite d’uva, is made by distilling whole must.

What’s the difference between clear rum and dark rum?

The difference between White Rum and Dark Rum is that white rum is aged in big stainless steel barrels whereas dark rum is aged in large charred oak barrels. Also, white rum requires a shorter amount of time to age than the time taken by dark rum.

Which is better white or brown rum?

Typically, darker rums are used for sipping or drinking straight because of the more distinctive flavors, while light rums are used in cocktails. So when you make frozen Piña Coladas, Mojitos or any other rum-based tropical drinks in your frozen concoction maker, you should use white rum.

Which is less harmful rum or whisky?

Originally Answered: Which is more harmful between rum or whishky? In a longer run both are harmful… however whisky generally contains a very high amount of CONGENERS( developed during whisky making) and this thing is resultant for the next day hangover(ruins the day ahead).

Which rum is sweetest?

As long as the rum is less than 54% ABV and doesn’t use molasses, it can be considered cachaça. Known for its exceptionally sweet sugar cane crop, Brazil’s other rums and cachaça are widely accepted as the sweetest and most palatable rums in production.

Why does rumchata curdle?

What makes RumChata curdle? The cream that makes RumChata so rich and delicious also makes it susceptible to curdling. The Spruce Eats notes that high-acid add-ins, like citrus juices or some sodas, can cause the unsightly effect.

Why is 70% alcohol a better disinfectant than 95 alcohol?

70 % isopropyl alcohol is by far better at killing bacteria and viruses than 90 % isopropyl alcohol. As a disinfectant, the higher the concentration of alcohol, the less effective it is at killing pathogens. … Coagulation of surface proteins proceeds at a slower pace, thereby allowing the alcohol to enter the cell.

Why is it called triple sec?

‘Sec’ is French for dry so ‘triple sec’ literally means ‘triple dry’, perhaps a reference to the triple distillation of the base alcohol, so originally indicating a high-quality liqueur, and the flavour being provided by the skins of bitter [dry] rather than sweet oranges.

Why is rum black?

Rum is made by distilling sugarcane. Dark, black or golden rum starts off as the same clear spirit that makes light rum. … by aging the rum in charred oak or wooden barrels for a period of time, they end up with a darker color and a bolder flavor. The longer the rum is aged, the darker it is.

Why is rum so bitter?

Rum is made from molasses, or cane sugar, and it doesn’t mesh nicely with corn syrup. You get the taste of coke with the bitter bite of alcohol.

Why is rum so disgusting?

After the fermentation process, rum is distilled to remove congeners. That’s the bad stuff you don’t want in your cocktail. (Congeners = bad hangovers, blindness, and other unspeakably awful things.) After that, the alcohol is often aged in American whiskey barrels.

Why is there no sugar in rum?

By the time fermentation completes, very little sugar remains in the mash. Even if the fermented mash had residual sugar, very little would make it past the distillation process. Straight off the still, freshly distilled alcohol—regardless of whether it’s whiskey, tequila, brandy or rum—has essentially no sugar in it.

Why should you spray your bed with alcohol?

Alcohol works two ways to kill bedbugs. First, it acts as a solvent, which means it eats away the bug’s outer shell. The dissolving action might be enough to kill some bedbugs, but alcohol delivers a one-two punch. It also acts as a desiccant, a substance that induces drying out.

Will curdled baileys make you sick?

If your Baileys has not only expired but has also definitely gone bad, it is not a good idea to drink it. Curdled cream can make you sick, though it’s not likely to do any lasting damage. It will probably taste sour and unappealing though.

How to care for brugmansia?

After a winter in the dark basement, a brugmansia looks pretty ragged. Hard to believe there is any life in it, but the pale green shoot at the base shows promise.

Are brugmansia fast growing?

Brugmansias are extremely fast growing – a cutting can reach 3m in 3 years and produce a mass of flowers. They are capable of growing to 8m or more but most gardeners will keep them below this height to accommodate them in the winter.

Can moonflowers be grown in pots?

Moonflowers can be tricky to grow in containers, unless they are very large, because the vines can reach 10′ to 20′ in length. All parts of moonflowers, including the seeds, are toxic, so keep children and pets away from them. In some states, various Ipomoea species are considered noxious weeds and may be prohibited.

Can you learn trumpet yourself?

It takes a whole lot of practice to get good enough to play like a professional trumpet player. Using one or more of the above-listed methods for learning how to play the instrument you are able to self-pace your lessons and take your time. … Just know that with enough practice you will eventually become good enough.

Can you over oil a trumpet?

Do not worry about adding too much oil to the instrument. Although some do not like to over oil their trumpet, there has been no evidence to suggest that it will damage the instrument. Just be sure that the oil does not get in the holes and inside the trumpet.

Can you overwater a brugmansia?

If your brugmansia is in a pot, you may need to water it every day when the weather is hot and dry. … Potted brugmansia should be watered sparingly and allowed to dry out somewhat during the winter months, but don’t allow your plant to become completely bone dry.

Do brugmansia like acidic soil?

Brugmansia are easy to grow and cultivate, even as container plants. They prefer acidic soil, but will tolerate our alkaline soil. Angel’s trumpet are not drought- or salt-tolerant and require lots of fertilizer. This plant will grow best in full sun to partial shade, and can be trained as a shrub or tree.

Do brugmansia seeds need light to germinate?

Angel trumpet seeds require light to germinate. If you bury them too deeply, your germination rates will be greatly reduced. After filling the pots with potting soil, simply press the pre-soaked angel trumpet seeds firmly against the soil, but don’t cover them.