What is a black thumb?

Mechanics often have oil stains that blacken their fingers. Hence a “black thumb” would be someone who is a skilled mechanic. In gardening, someone who usually winds up killing plants is referred to has having a “brown thumb.”

What is a hair lip dog?

Cleft lip (often referred to incorrectly as a “hair lip” or more appropriately as palatoschisis or congenital oronasal fistula) and cleft palate are birth defects that occur when a puppy’s lip or mouth do not form properly during pregnancy. … Puppies with a cleft lip can also have a cleft palate.

What is a imprecise?

Definition of imprecise : not precise : inexact, vague an imprecise estimate. Other Words from imprecise Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About imprecise.

What is a mercenary marriage?

Mercenary marriage may refer to: Bride-buying in China is also known as mercenary marriage. A Smithfield bargain may refer to either wife selling (English custom) or mercenary marriage.

What is a mercenary person?

: one that serves merely for wages especially : a soldier hired into foreign service mercenaries who guaranteed the success of the rebellion — B. F. Reilly. mercenary. adjective. Definition of mercenary (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : serving merely for pay or sordid advantage : venal also : greedy.

What is a person that gives information called?

informant; person who gives information. informant.

What is an example of vagabond?

The definition of a vagabond is a nomad or person without a permanent home, who drifts from place to place. A yacht owner who lives on his boat and sales from port to port is an example of a vagabond. A person on a trip of indeterminate destination and/or length of time.

What is another name for a homeless person?

vagrant vagabond
tramp hobo
dosser drifter
bum wanderer
itinerant beachcomber

What is another word for anklet?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for anklet, like: ankle-bracelet, anklets, bobbysocks, earing, , cuffs, , earring and bobbysock.

What is another word for not often?

seldom rarely
infrequently sporadically
occasionally hardly
scarcely uncommonly
irregularly little

What is enthusiastic person?

: a person filled with enthusiasm: such as. a : one who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit a sports car enthusiast. b : one who tends to become ardently absorbed in an interest.

What is gossip slang for?

idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others: the endless gossip about Hollywood stars. light, familiar talk or writing. Also gos·sip·er, gos·sip·per. a person given to tattling or idle talk. Chiefly British Dialect.

What is green carpet?

green carpet: fundraising event centered around environmental issues. Explanation: If you are invited to a green carpet event prepare yourself for a social event or a reception with a special cause. This cause is connected to environmental concerns and usually manifests itself in some form of fundraising activity.

What is informant name?

Definition of informant : a person who gives information: such as. a : informer. b : one who supplies cultural or linguistic data in response to interrogation by an investigator.

What is it called when you have no home?

derelict. noun. formal someone who has no home or job and lives on the streets. A more usual word is a homeless person.

What is mangalsutra called in english?

(ˌmæŋɡəlˈsʊtrə) a necklace worn by a Hindu woman to signify that she is married.

What is meant by whims and fancies?

whims and fancies is generally used as a derogatory phrase when someone wants something according to his/her wishes, no matter how unreasonable it may seem. whim’ and ‘fancy’ are often given as synonyms although technically it seems that whim is of a shorter time scale.

What is revealed a secret?

2 : to make (something secret or hidden) publicly or generally known reveal a secret.

What is spinach in yoruba?

In Yoruba, Spinach is called Efo tete. Efo means vegetable and this vegetable has numerous health benefits.

What is spinach related to?

Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is a leafy green vegetable that originated in Persia. It belongs to the amaranth family and is related to beets and quinoa. What’s more, it’s considered very healthy, as it’s loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.

What is the english word for payal?

Body Parts. Human body is the physical substance of human organism, it the the specified structure of human being giving shape to our skeleton.

What is the beggar’s name class 9?

The Beggar Summary – ‘The beggar’ is the story of a beggar named Lushkoff. While begging, he met an advocate, Sergei who gave him work.

What is the body’s first line of defense?

The first line of defence (or outside defence system) includes physical and chemical barriers that are always ready and prepared to defend the body from infection. These include your skin, tears, mucus, cilia, stomach acid, urine flow, ‘friendly’ bacteria and white blood cells called neutrophils.

What is the code for i love you?

2. 143: I Love You.

What is the definition of the word extortioners?

a person who gets money from another by using force or threats.