Does sonic have a coconut slush?

Serving Size 1 slush
Calories 190
Calories From Fat 0

Does sonic have banana slushies?

Sonic Banana Taffy Slushs contain between 160-590 calories, depending on your choice of sizes.

Does sonic have boba?

Sonic doesn’t actually mention the flavor of their Bursting Bubbles but the they’re green in color and described as “sweet.” Bursting Bubbles are the Sonic’s take on popping boba, which are liquid-filled edible spheres with a thin, gel-like skin.

Does sonic have cheesecake?

SONIC® Drive-In adds two limited-time-only desserts to its Blast lineup, with the new Cheesecake Blast and Strawberry Cheesecake Blast.

Does sonic have flavored water?

Sonic adds flavored sparkling water to their expansive drink menu with the release of new Fruit Fizzes. The new, limited-time drinks come in a variety of flavors that range from zero to 25 calories (for a small-sized drink). They feature real fruit and no artificial flavors.

Does sonic have lemon water?

Description: Experience unique, drive-in dining with made-to-order food and more than 1.3 million drink combinations. Lemon water! I love coming here after my workout and getting a lemon water.

Does sonic have orange cream slush?

Orange Ice Cream Slush: A combination of smooth and sweet ice cream mixed with your favorite orange slush.

Does sonic have orange flavor?

Sixteen add-ins: cherry, diet cherry, chocolate, grape, orange, blue coconut, vanilla, watermelon, lime, lemon, strawberry, pineapple, cranberry, apple, Powerade, Hi-C. Five drinks already containing one flavor (or add-in): diet lemonade, Powerade, cranberry juice, apple juice, Hi-C.

Does sonic have orange slushes?

Types of Sonic Slushes The available Slush flavors are cherry, diet cherry, cranberry, watermelon, grape, orange, Powerade, blue coconut, green apple, blue raspberry, vanilla, chocolate, peach, raspberry, blackberry, and mango.

Does sonic have peach flavor?

In its announcement of the “Uncorked Slushes,” the company promises “a booze-less buzz in three craveable Slush flavors.” Here’s what Sonic had to say about its new offerings: … Peach Bellini: notes of crisp white wine infused with sweet peach flavor.

Does sonic have sparkling water?

Sonic Drive-In is making a splash with its new sparkling water with zero to 60 calorie beverage options and no artificial flavors. A brand known for its various drink combinations and with a high-demand for fizzy refreshments, the healthy hydrating Sonic Fruit Fizz will offer a range of refreshing flavors.

Does sonic have strawberry lemonade?

SONIC’s all-natural Lemonade is concocted with real lemons, and offered in a variety of refreshing flavors like Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry and many more*.

Does sonic have sugar free cherry limeade?

The diet cherry limeade is one of the low-carb drinks at Sonic. While it isn’t sugar-free, it is much lower in sugar than the regular version of the drink.

Does sonic ice melt fast?

Scott Uehlein, VP of Product Innovation and Development, says, “We’ve definitely heard of people tracking down the maker and buying our ice machines to keep at home so they have access to SONIC [emphasis his] ice 24/7.” He credits the ice’s high surface area, as compared to traditional cubed ice, as a primary selling …

Does sonic limeade have soda?

What is in Cherry Limeade? This drink is a combination of tart frozen limeade concentrate, fizzy lemon-lime soda, and sweet maraschino cherry juice.

Does sonic ocean water have calories?

200 Cal. Our signature Ocean Water is sweet and refreshing with the hint of Blue Coconut flavor, served over SONIC’s famous ice.

Does sonic put sugar in their ice?

Does Sonic Put Sugar In Their Ice? No, Sonic does not put sugar in their ice. Many people seem to think they do, because of how good it tastes, but that’s just because of the absorbent texture of sonic ice.

Does sonic put sugar in their strawberries?

Strawberries are washed, hulled, quartered, and then simmered in hot water. The solids are removed from the beautifully flavored water. The strawberry-infused water is then sweetened with sugar.

Does sonic still have jolly ranchers?

Sonic has now added two candy options to its Slushes menu. The popular drive-in chain is letting customers add popping candy (kind of like Pop Rocks) and Jolly Ranchers to their Slushes.

Does sonic use real strawberries?

Real Fruit Berry Strawberry, with Real Strawberries. Real Fruit Berry Blueberry, with Real Blueberries. Real Fruit Berry Triple Berry, with a combination of Real Strawberries and Blackberries with Raspberry and Wild Berry flavors.

Does sonic’s ocean water have caffeine?

What Is Sonic’s Ocean Water? If you’ve never had Ocean Water, it’s a bubbly coconut lime drink that you can order at the fast-food chain Sonic. It is delicious and tastes like summer in a cup! There’s no caffeine in it and you can even get a diet version if you ask for Sprite Zero instead of regular Sprite!