Should i leave my new cat alone?

Do not leave the new cat and resident cat alone together until they are fully acquainted. The introduction period is usually short with kittens. but takes longer with adult cats. Be patient and give the cats plenty of time to adjust.

Should you leave new cat alone?

The new cat should stay in its own room for at least a few days. … Do not leave the new cat and resident cat alone together until they are fully acquainted. The introduction period is usually short with kittens.

Can i take my persian cat for a walk?

A pixiebob can “easily learn to fetch and to walk on a harness and leash.” While it is an active breed, “it is also a very laid-back relaxed cat participating calmly in the family,” TICA adds.

Can persian cats live in hot weather?

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Eliot’s poem “The Waste Land”, what month of the year is the “cruellest”?• In Virgil’s “Aeneid,” who does Aeneas tragically fall in love with on his way to founding Rome?• In, what is the name of the character who has fled slavery and is trying to reach freedom?• In, who tells 1,001 tales to the shah to postpone her execution at dawn?• In the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, how many years didsleep for?• In the book, on what river, pictured here, do Huck Finn and Jim go rafting?• In the book, what is Bastian’s surname?• In the book, what illness forces the boy to give up the rabbit?• In the fairy tale, what did Jack trade for a handful of beans?• In the novel, what color is the light that Gatsby sees at the end of Daisy’s dock?• In the phrase “see you later,” what part of speech is “see”?• In what Nick Hornby novel does a bachelor attend single mothers’ groups to meet women?• In what classic children’s book does the main character come from Asteroid B-612?• In what sequel to Stephen King’sdoes a grown-up Dan Torrance battle the True Knot?• In what state do the Macleans go fly fishing in the novel• Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist of what book series?• Ladies attending the crowded premiere of Handel’s “Messiah” in 1742 were asked to leave what at home?• Shakespeare named his son which of the following names?• The Andy Warhol Museum, which is the largest museum in the country dedicated to one artist, is located in which city?• The La Scala Opera House, pictured here, is found in which Italian city?• The artist Georges Seurat is known for developing what type of painting technique?• The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, pictured here, was painted by what famous Renaissance artist?• The exterior of the Statue of Liberty, pictured here, was designed by which of these people?• The word “honcho,” meaning “boss,” is derived from a term meaning “squad leader” in what country?• To what tourist attraction did Joan Rivers and Ivana Trump donate their personal nail polish?• What 18th-century fountain, pictured here, yields around $3,500 a day for Italian charities?• What 1980s pop singer won a 2013 Tony for Best Original Score for the musical “Kinky Boots”?• What American artist didn’t start painting until she was 78 years of age?• What Bernstein musical, set in 1950s New York, was based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet?• What Dashiell Hammett mystery novel was made into a classic film starring Humphrey Bogart in 1941?• What E. B. White character says, “people believe almost anything they see in print”?• What English author did Nicole Kidman wear a prosthetic nose to portray in the film• What European art museum has a glass pyramid in its courtyard?• What FX TV series was based on a short story by crime writer Elmore Leonard?• What French artist is famous for his posters and paintings of the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Paris?• What John Heilemann & Mark Halperin best seller spills juicy details about the 2012 US presidential race?• What Maurice Sendak book was adapted for the screen by director Spike Jonze?• What Shakespearean theatre, pictured here, was reconstructed on London’s South Bank?• What Stephen King novel was adapted for the big screen by Stanley Kubrick?• What U.S. banker donated both his art collection and funding to the National Gallery of Art?• What affliction did John Milton, the author of the epic poem “Paradise Lost”, have?• What affliction did the woman have in Andrew Wyeth’s painting• What artist created the most expensive painting ever sold to date?• What book by Victor Hugo was adapted into a long-running musical of the same name?• What character frombook series has an alter ego named “Gollum”?• What did Marcel Duchamp draw on a postcard of theto create pop art?• What did the girl do in the title of the third book in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy?• What do those with pupaphobia fear?• What does the bird say in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”?• What does the french term Papier-mâché mean?• What does the internet abbreviation “TL;DR” stand for?• What famous abstract expressionist painter used a technique of dripping paint onto canvasses on the floor?• What folkloric ghost ship can never make it to port?• What is Atticus Finch’s profession in the novel• What is the• What is the man holding in the Grant Wood painting• What is the name for the short sheaths on the end of shoelaces?• What is the name given to Lord Voldemort’s legion of followers in theseries?• What is the name of Dante’s guide through Heaven in “The Divine Comedy”?• What is the only palindromic numerical year of the 21st century?• What is the title of the third book in Stieg Larsson’strilogy?• What legendary baseball movie was adapted from the novel• What magical item allows Harry Potter to move around Hogwarts unseen in the Harry Potter book series?• What museum was the setting for the Ben Stiller film• What mythological character fell in love with his own reflection?• What name is given to a poem that consists of 14 lines and often ends with a rhyming couplet?• What name is given to a poet officially appointed to champion poetry and compose works for state occasions?• What name is shared by the fifth book of the Hebrew Bible and a character in the musical• What nationality was the artist Rembrandt?• What novel with hero Wade Watts featuresand the arcade game• What opera was performed at the Sydney Opera House, pictured here, for its 1973 opening?• What play by Oscar Wilde features the characters John “Jack” Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff?• What poet, author and civil rights activist wrote a poem honoring Nelson Mandela titled “His Day is Done”?• What prolific inventor began publishing the folksy, practicalin 1732?• What radical early 20th-century art movement is Picasso famous for co-founding with Georges Braque?• What seasoning is mentioned more than 35 times in the Bible?• What soda, launched in 1884, has a name that means “guts”?• What urbane author introduced the phrase “good ol’ boy” into the culture in 1964?• What war memorial is the tallest cast bronze statue in the world?• What was the nationality of the author who wrote• What was the original title of Joseph Heller’s masterwork,• What writer introduced the Swahili word “safari” into the English language?• What writer’s tombstone in Oxford is engraved with the names of two of his fictional characters?• Which Canadian author wrote the award winning book,• Which French artist is known for his paintings and sculptures of ballet dancers?• Which artist famously sculpted, pictured here?• Which artist painted the famous work• Which artist was known for his woodcut artwork featuring dogs?• Which author famously went to jail for refusing to pay a poll tax?• Which author wrote theseries of novels?• Which influential poet was born Everett LeRoi Jones?• Which isa novel by Jane Austen?• Which isa vocal part in an all-male barbershop quartet?• Which items are melting in Salvador Dalí’s 1931 painting• Which language, depicted here, is read from right to left?• Which of the following isa Romance language?• Which of the following types of theater isJapanese?• Which of these composers had 20 children?• Which of these wasa Brontë sister?• Who composed the music to the balletsand• Who composed the opera• Who isa character in the musical “Les Misérables”?• Who is the author of the Alex Cross detective series, including the booksand• Who is the goddess of love in Greek mythology?• Who is the object of Quasimodo’s unrequited love in the book• Who sculpted the David statue and the Pietà?• Who tells the first tale in Geoffrey Chaucer’s• Who wrote• Who wrote the book• Who wrote the novel, which was later turned into a film starring Viggo Mortensen?• Whose skull does Hamlet hold and talk to in the Shakespearean playissue no. 27, published in 1939, marked the first appearance of what superhero who went on to be featured in several blockbuster movies?• A flock of grounded geese is called a gaggle, but a flock of flying geese is called what?• Ambergris, a waxy substance produced by sperm whales, was historically used as an ingredient in what luxury item?• Approximately how many inches per year is the Moon moving away from the Earth?• As of 2014, how many people in total have walked on the Moon?• First produced in the 1960s, how big was the original floppy disk?• Ganymede, the largest moon in our solar system, is a satellite of what planet?• How many chambers make up the heart?• How many chromosomes are there in a normal human cell?• How many hearts does the animal pictured here have?• If you are suffering from synophrys, what do you have?• If you have celiac disease, which substance will you be told to avoid eating?• In 2013, Voyager 1 was the first man-made object to do what?• In food preparation, what does the Scoville Scale measure?• In what family of insects are fireflies, like those pictured here?• In what scientific kingdom would you find Pixie’s Parasol, Devil’s Tooth and Shaggy Inkcap?• Mach one refers to the speed of what?• On a standard QWERTY computer keyboard, what is the only vowelto appear in the top row of letters?• On average, how many earthquakes are detected by the National Earthquake Information Center each day worldwide?• On which planet would you find Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain in the solar system?• Out of the 150,000 strands of hair on our heads, about how many fall out per day?• Petrichor is a term for what scent?• Refined at a plant like the one pictured here, which of these energy sources isa type of fossil fuel?• Roughly how many baby teeth does a child have?• The Large Hadron Collider at CERN was built to try to recreate the conditions of what scientific theory?• The female of which of these animals iscalled a doe?• What Jewish scientist was asked to be the second president of Israel in 1952 at age 73?• What active volcano, shown here, is known as the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean?”• What ailment is often caused by rhinovirus?• What are arrays of wind turbines like those pictured here generally called?• What body joint includes the patella?• What body part do male crickets, like the one pictured here, use to chirp?• What breed of dog, pictured here, originated in Scotland and England and was bred to herd animals?• What can a particularly strong jet stream temporarily do?• What color are chilblains, the marks that appear on the skin as a result of rapid temperature change?• What color does litmus paper turn when it comes into contact with an acid?• What comet, last spotted in 1986, is visible from Earth once every 75 or 76 years?• What company mostly known for its cars created the humanoid robot ASIMO?• What creature has the largest eyes in the animal kingdom?• What does a white-tailed deer pointing its tail upward signify?• What does an anemometer measure?• What ducts transport a fertilized egg to the uterus?• What element does uranium become after losing its radioactivity?• What gas makes up most of the Earth’s atmosphere?• What insect’s bite is most commonly associated with Lyme disease?• What is a baby turkey called?• What is a kea?• What is another common name for orca whales like the one pictured here?• What is cullet?• What is didaskaleinophobia?• What is somnambulism another word for?• What is the average depth of the ocean?• What is the common name for iron oxide?• What is the common name for the bacterial disease also known as pertussis?• What is the common name for the plant species known as dionaea muscipula, shown here?• What is the composition of the recently-discovered, burned-out star named Lucy?• What is the first element on the periodic table of elements?• What is the molecular structure of ozone?• What is the more common name for biodynamic viticulture?• What is the more common name for the Aurora Borealis, pictured here?• What is the most popular fruit in the world?• What is the name of the Boston Dynamic-engineered robot that can run up to 45 kilometers per hour?• What is the name of the point opposite the zenith of a celestial body’s movement?• What is the name of the poisonous female spider, shown here, with a red hourglass on its abdomen?• What is the name of the smallest planet in our solar system?• What is the only planet in our solar systemnamed after a Greek or Roman god?• What is the temperature -460F (-273C) better known as?• What is the upper limit of an albatross’ lifespan?• What kind of airy volcanic rock, pictured here, is used to exfoliate the skin?• What kind of animal is a hoatzin?• What kind of data storage, hosted by a third-party data center, is accessible from any device anywhere?• What luxurious fabric is made from caterpillar cocoons like those shown here?• What measure is defined as the 220-yard distance a horse can pull a plow without resting?• What metal, shown here, used to be known as quicksilver?• What meteorological instrument, shown here, measures atmospheric pressure?• What number do each set of opposite sides of a standard die add up to?• What pea-sized gland in the brain controls hormones?• What profession is most commonly listed as the most dangerous in the world?• What revered scientist thought the world would end in 2060?• What rocks, pictured here, are the product of erosion?• What scale, numbering from 0 to 14, indicates acidity and alkalinity?• What slang term is sometimes used for the elusive subatomic Higgs boson particle?• What species of deer, shown here, is the only one in which both males and females grow antlers?• What species, shown here, is created by the mating of a male donkey and a female horse?• What sports item is chilled before use to prevent bouncing?• What system of measurement is used to describe the magnitude of earthquakes?• What taste are cats unable to detect?• What term, derived from the Latin word meaning “to seize” or “to take by force”, is used to describe eagles, hawks and other birds of prey?• What type of organism, shown here, makes up the majority of coral reefs?• What type of sea animal are the clams pictured here?• What unit of measurement is used to refer to 144, or a dozen dozen of something?• What unusually-shaped sea creature is among the only animal species on Earth to have its males carry fertilized eggs and give birth to their offspring?• What was discovered on the Moon in 2009 after NASA intentionally crashed a satellite into it?• What was the average life expectancy for a human female living in the year 1900?• What was the coincidental maiden name of astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s mother?• What were psychiatrists once known as?• What’s the name of the acrobatic rover that touched down on Mars in 2012 and continues to explore it?• Where in the human body would you find bones called phalanges?• Where on your body would you find the hallux?• Which app lets you send videos and photos that will disappear after a few seconds?• Which isa bone in the human body?• Which isa celestial body?• Which isa layer of the Earth?• Which isthe name of a real galaxy?• Which of the following animals gives birth instead of laying eggs?• Which of the following animals has a “sixth sense” to detect electricity and vibration?• Which of the following isa real animal?• Which of these birds can only eat with its head upside-down?• Which of these colors isa color in a four-color printing process?• Which of these creatures doeshave a brain?• Which of these insects spreads royal jelly over eggs?• Which of these isa source of mother of pearl?• Which of these isa type of cloud?• Which of these planets doeshave a moon?• Which of these plants isa member of the nightshade family?• Which of these substances isa metallic element on the periodic table?• Which of these terms can be used to refer to bears?• Which one of these is a member of the bear family?• Which primate, shown here, sleeps sitting up with its head tucked between its knees and chest?• Which species of tiger, pictured here, is the largest?• Which type of creature does a myrmecologist study?• Why is the Dead Sea called “dead”?• Without rearranging the letters, what four-letter word do the chemical symbols for tin and silver spell?• As of 2014, which surfer has won the most world titles?• For which of these soccer teams did David Beckhamplay?• How many competitors are in a sled in the women’s bobsled event?• How many dots are in each level of the video game• How many minutes are in each half of a soccer match?• How many playable strings are there on a standard electric guitar?• How many single squares are there on a chessboard?• How old was Mike Tyson when he became the youngest man ever to win a heavyweight boxing title?• If a player who is at advantage in a game of tennis loses the next point, what is the score?• If you are dining alfresco, in which way are you eating?• In 2010, what Grand Slam tournament hosted the world’s longest tennis match, lasting over 11 hours?• In 2013, what caused a 34-minute delay at Super Bowl XLVII?• In 2013, which team did LeBron James captain to an NBA Championship?• In auto racing, what color flag is used to indicate a hazard or danger?• In basketball, how many players can a team have on the court at any time?• In cycling, what does BMX stand for?• In tennis, tie-breakers are played at what score in a set?• In what game can you be skewered, forked or pinned by your opponent?• In what sport can you “hang ten”?• In which of these card games is each of the four players allocated a point on the compass?• In which of these fighting styles is mixed martial artist Georges St-Pierre a black belt?• In which sport can you do a floater, cutback and duck dive?• In which sport is a camel spin a type of move?• Not including jokers, how many cards are there in a standard deck of playing cards?• Pancetta, lardons and prosciutto are all derived from the meat of what animal?• The chocolate cake known as a Sachertorte was created in which city?• To what sport do the Marquess of Queensberry rules apply?• Used in the sport of badminton, what’s another name for the birdie shown here?• What Hindu salutation, meaning “I bow to you,” is used at the end of many yoga classes?• What MLB manager’s 132nd career game ejection broke the previous record in 2007?• What NFL team was the first ever to finish a season with a record of 0-16 in 2008?• What annual, 200-lap stock car race is NASCAR’s biggest event?• What best-selling computer game spawned the sequelin 1997?• What bizarre item do Detroit Red Wings fans throw on the ice for good luck?• What boxer’s five sons all have the same first name as he does?• What cabbage dish, pictured here, is a staple in Korean cuisine?• What clothing and apparel brand sports a logo of the animal pictured here?• What color blazer is presented to the winner of the annual Masters golf tournament?• What color is Clyde, a ghost in thevideo game?• What color is the one ball in pool?• What did Muhammad Ali call his strategy of leaning against the ropes until his opponent exhausted himself?• What do you call the device, pictured here, that measures how many steps you take when walking or running?• What does a philatelist usually collect?• What expensive spice comes from crocus flowers?• What game involves using a mallet like those pictured here to hit wooden balls through hoops planted in the ground?• What game is commonly played with tiles like those pictured here?• What hit video game did SEGA introduce in 1991 to show off the blazing speed of the Genesis?• What horseback riding sport uses the terms “flying change,” “half-pass” and “travers”?• What is Zumba?• What is a Berliner in pastry talk?• What is a cruciverbalist?• What is a full point called in a judo match?• What is it called when you score three goals in a hockey game?• What is nori, the traditional wrapping of sushi pictured here, made from?• What is the English translation of the name of Italian dessert tiramisu?• What is the Olympic motto?• What is the highest league play score one can earn in a single turn of the sport pictured here?• What is the highest number in a target area of a deck shuffleboard court?• What is the hole where you sit in a kayak called?• What is the main ingredient of the popular Greek dip taramasalata, pictured here?• What is the maximum number of clubs you are allowed to carry with you in a round of golf?• What is the most common place on the body for a beginning snowboarder to be injured?• What is the national sport of South Korea?• What is the subtitle of video game• What jumping event did Jesse Owens win a gold medal for in the 1936 Berlin Olympics?• What kind of divination is tasseomancy?• What meat sandwich gets its name from the Greek word for “turning”?• What name is given to a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken?• What nationality is 100 meter world record-holder Usain Bolt?• What number do the nine digits on any completed line of a Sudoku puzzle add up to?• What occupation did Dr. John S. Pemberton, inventor of Coca-Cola, practice?• What popular European game, pictured here, has rules that are similar to pool?• What popular logic puzzle, pictured here, takes its name from the Japanese for “unique number”?• What popular sweet treat was invented by mistake at the Toll House Inn in 1930?• What sauce is used in the traditional Eggs Benedict dish shown here?• What sport has five players per team, divided into blockers, jammers and pivots?• What sport includes a maneuver called a ballet leg?• What sport is Babe Ruth famous for playing?• What sporting equipment do people use in a spinning exercise class?• What sporting event awards the world’s oldest international trophy?• What tennis player married fellow former number one tennis star Steffi Graf?• What tennis star started 2013 with injuries and finished having won 10 titles?• What type of nut, pictured here, is added to chocolate to make Nutella?• What was American skier Lindsey Vonn’s prize for winning the World Cup at Val D’Isere in 2005?• What was the name of the IBM computer that beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997?• What was the name of the loud plastic horn blown by many spectators during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa called?• What was the unusually appropriate last name of the inventor of potato chips?• What world-ranked Spanish tennis player is coached by his uncle?• What would a bibliophile collect?• What’s the real name of pro wrestler “The Rock,” who starred inand• What’s the traditional main dish served at Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas lunch at Sandringham?• Which Neil Diamond song is played in the eighth inning of every Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park?• Which Olympic sport doesoccur in an ice rink?• Which U.S. city, pictured here, is synonymous with deep-dish pizza?• Which city hosted the 2010 Olympic Winter Games?• Which city is home to the 2013 World Series champions?• Which city, pictured here, hosted the Olympic Games in 2000?• Which isone of the colors on a traditional Rubik’s Cube?• Which of the following ispart of a fish hook?• Which of these NHL teams wasone of the Original Six?• Which of these Winter Olympic sports sees competitors go down a frozen course head first?• Which of these foods would a pescetarian generallyeat?• Which of these isa type of pasta?• Which of these isthe color of a ring in the Olympic logo?• Which of these numbers did basketball player Michael Jordan wear on his jersey while he played for the Chicago Bulls?• Which of these sports doesinvolve horses?• Which of these swimming strokes can youwin a gold medal in at the Olympic Games?• Which professional skater appeared in the 2007 comedic film• Which professional tennis player is behind the clothing line Aneres?• Which team made the biggest playoff comeback in NFL history by defeating the Houston Oilers in 1993?• Which word ispart of the acronym BASE, from which the sport of BASE jumping, depicted here, takes its name?• Who beat Pete Sampras’s world record of most Grand Slam singles titles?• Who is the only major-leaguer to hit a walk-off, inside-the-park grand slam?• Who is the primary villain of thevideo game series?• Who was the first African-American coach to win the Super Bowl?• Why do surfers wax their boards?• According to UNESCO, which of these countries had the highest total box office revenue in 2011?• According to’s 2013 reader poll, which American attraction was voted the most iconic?• According to the United Nations, which of these regions contain the most countries as of 2014?• As of 2010, which country consumed the most electricity in kilowatt hours?• As of 2010, which country has the longest total system of roads?• As of 2010, which of these continents has the largest population?• As of 2012, which of these EU countries had the highest population?• As of 2013, which of these countries had the highest birth rate per 1000 people?• As of 2013, which of these countries has the most airports?• As of 2014, which of these countries has the highest migration of people entering the country?• As of 2014, which of these countries produces the most oil in barrels per day?• As of 2014, which of these skyscrapers is the tallest?• As of the 2013 U.S. Census, which U.S. state has the smallest population?• In 2011, which of these countries had the highest average precipitation?• In 2013, which of these countries had the largest estimated population?• In the Chinese Zodiac, which animal’s year will happen the earliest after 2014’s year of the horse?• Which country’s citizens have the longest life expectancy?• Which of the Great Lakes is largest by volume?• Which of these African countries is the youngest?• Which of these Caribbean countries has the largest population?• Which of these Caribbean islands is the largest?• Which of these U.S. cities is the largest by population?• Which of these cities is furthest north by latitude?• Which of these cities’ populations grew the most from 1950 to 2000?• Which of these countries gets the highest share of its electricity from renewable, non-nuclear sources?• Which of these countries had the highest gross domestic product in 2012?• Which of these countries is the largest?• Which of these countries is the smallest?• Which of these landmarks is the tallest?• Which of these mountain peaks is highest in meters?• Which of these oceans is the smallest?• Which of these seas is the largest in square miles?• According to, who among these actors was the highest-paid in 2013?• According to, which actor’s films earned the most money in 2013?• According to the RIAA, which of these albums had sold the most copies at the end of 2013?• As of 2013, which of these actors starred in the film with the highest score on• As of 2013, which of these artists/bands have released the most studio albums?• As of 2013, which of these musicians has won the most Grammy Awards?• As of 2013, who among these artists had the most songs to reach number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100?• As of 2014, which of these country music performers have won the most Grammys?• In 2013, which of these TV programs had the highest weekly viewers according to Nielsen ratings?• Which of the following dramas has won the most Emmy awards?• Which of these Leonardo DiCaprio films had the biggest box office opening weekend?• Which of these Linkin Park albums were released the earliest?• Which of these Sigourney Weaver films had the biggest opening weekend at the box office?• Which of these Steven Spielberg directed blockbusters was released earliest?• Which of these actors has the most Emmy nominations for Best Lead Actor in a drama?• Which of these actors portrayed The Doctor on the TV seriesthe earliest?• Which of these actors was born the earliest?• Which of these actors won an Oscar at the youngest age?• Which of these artists released the most studio albums in the 1980s?• Which of these challenges does Westley face earliest in the film• Which of these characters from the TV serieswas introduced earliest?• Which of these classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon series premiered the earliest?• Which of these classic sitcoms aired earliest?• Which of these comedians was on ‘Saturday Night Live’ the longest?• Which of these films did Rachel McAdams star in earliest in her career?• Which of these films received the most Academy Award nominations?• Which of these films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger premiered earliest?• Which of these hip hop artists released an album the earliest?• Which of these popular TV drama series ran for the most seasons?• Which of these science fiction films is oldest?• Which of these sitcoms ran for the most seasons?• Which of these songs had the most weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100?• Which of these songs was the earliest to air on MTV?• Which of these teams do the Average Joe’s defeat first in the film• In 2013, which of these websites had the highest average daily traffic according to Alexa rankings?• Which U.S. state was the earliest to gain statehood?• Which country spent the highest percentage of its GDP on healthcare in 2011?• Which of the following cities has been inhabited longest?• Which of the following conflicts began most recently?• Which of the following countries joined the United Nations earliest?• Which of these American presidents was elected first?• Which of these British monarchs was crowned first?• Which of these European explorers set foot in the New World earliest?• Which of these Roman numerals is the largest?• Which of these U.S. Army ranks is the highest?• Which of these U.S. Presidential campaign slogans was used most recently?• Which of these United States acquisitions happened earliest?• Which of these Wonders of the Ancient World was built earliest?• Which of these ancient innovations came earliest?• Which of these colonies left Spanish rule the earliest?• Which of these companies was founded earliest?• Which of these computer innovations came earliest?• Which of these countries exported the most merchandise in 2013?• Which of these countries had the most cellular phones in use in 2012?• Which of these countries has the oldest constitution in use?• Which of these countries joined the European Union earliest?• Which of these famous firsts in women’s history occurred earliest?• Which of these historical projects took the longest to complete?• Which of these important medical advances happened earliest?• Which of these internet memes originated the earliest?• Which of these islands did Christopher Columbus visit the earliest?• Which of these key events in the Cold War occurred earliest?• Which of these key moments in World War II happened earliest?• Which of these newspapers is the oldest?• Which of these websites was launched the earliest?• As of 2013, which of these artists’ paintings was sold at the highest price?• As of 2014, which of these Broadway plays has had the longest run of performances?• As of 2014, which of these non-fiction authors has written the most books?• As of 2014, which of these popular authors has written the most novels?• As of January 2012, which of the following painters had their work stolen most frequently?• In Dante’s “Inferno”, which sin is on the lowest circle?• In Egyptian mythology, which of these gods is the eldest?• In Greek mythology, which of these gods is the eldest?• In Greek mythology, which of these labors did Heracles complete earliest?• In the Brothers Grimm’s, which of these events happened earliest in the story?• Which gifts is given earliest in the song• Which of the following books from theseries of novels was written the earliest?• Which of the following superheroes was the earliest to make their first appearance in a comic book?• Which of theseComic series is the oldest?• Which of thesemystery novels is the earliest in the series?• Which of these art movements began earliest?• Which of these authors has won the most Pulitzer prizes?• Which of these books in theseries by J.K. Rowling was the earliest?• Which of these books spent the longest on the New York Times Best Seller List?• Which of these characters was the earliest to use the alter-ego “Robin” in thecomic books?• Which of these classic plays premiered earliest?• Which of these famous playwrights was born earliest?• Which of these film-inspired musicals had the longest span between their film and stage debuts?• Which of these great Renaissance era works were created the earliest?• Which of these literary movements began most recently?• Which of these locations does Bilbo visit first in J.R.R. Tolkien’s book• Which of these mythological tales was written earliest in history?• Which of these novel series started being published the earliest?• Which of these novels travels the furthest into the future?• Which of these philosophical works was written first?• Which of these voice types has the lowest singing range?• Which of these writers won the Nobel Prize for literature the earliest?• According to the Reptile Gardens wild animal park, which of these snakes is the deadliest?• According to the U.S.D.A., which of these foods has the most calories?• According to the publication, which of these insects is the largest in size?• In biology, which of these categories has the highest rank in terms of size?• On the periodic table of the elements, which of these elements has the greatest atomic weight?• Which form of radiation has the shortest wavelength?• Which of the following is the earliest NASA spacecraft launch?• Which of the following planets have the most rings?• Which of the following planets have the shortest day?• Which of the following stars is closest to our solar system?• Which of these Facebook features was released earliest?• Which of these Google features was introduced earliest?• Which of these animals has the longest pregnancy?• Which of these astronauts traveled into space the earliest?• Which of these camera equipment manufacturers was founded earliest?• Which of these creatures lived the earliest?• Which of these elements is the most conductive of electricity?• Which of these forms of media storage was released earliest?• Which of these gases composes more of the Earth’s atmosphere?• Which of these geological periods started the earliest?• Which of these iPod models came first?• Which of these insects has the longest maximum lifespan?• Which of these inventions was invented earliest?• Which of these planets has the largest circumference?• Which of these planets is closest to the Sun?• Which of these planets is the hottest?• Which of these rivers is the longest?• Which of these sea animals is capable of the fastest speed?• Which of these shapes has the most sides?• Which of these units of measurement is the longest?• Which of these whales is the longest?• As of 2013, which national teams have won the most FIFA World Cup Championships?• As of 2013, which of the following NFL players has the most quarterback sacks in a single season?• As of 2013, which of the following NFL running backs has rushed for the most yards in a single game?• As of 2013, which of these NBA teams holds the highest win streak?• As of 2013, which of these pro golfers has won the most Major Championships?• As of 2014, which athlete has won the most Olympic medals in their career?• As of 2014, which of these countries has hosted the most Olympic Games?• As of 2014, which of these states has the most NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL teams combined?• As of January 2014, which of the following MMA fighters has had the most wins in UFC bouts?• As of the 2013-14 season, which of these teams had won the most FA Cup titles?• As of the 2013/14 season, which team has won the most UEFA Champions League games?• As of the end of the 2012-13 Season, which European club has won the most UEFA Champions League titles?• As of the end of the 2012-2013 season, which team has the most NBA Championships?• As of the end of the 2013 season, which of the following NFL quarterbacks has the most playoff wins?• At the conclusion of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which of the following players has scored the most career goals?• In horse riding, which of these movements has the fastest average speed?• In the videogame, which of these fruits is worth the most points?• Which driver has claimed the most Formula One World Drivers’ Championships between 1950 and 2013?• Which of the following NFL players gained the most receiving yards in the 2013 regular season?• Which of the following professional boxers have scored the most knockouts?• Which of the following running backs have gained the most rushing yards in NFL history?• Which of these NCAA players was awarded the Heisman Trophy the earliest?• Which of these NCAA teams ranked highest in the AP standings at the end of the 2013 season?• Which of these NFL teams had the most wins during the 2013 season?• Which of thesetitles was released first?• Which of these basketball players has the most career NBA rebounds?• Which of these classic arcade games was released earliest?• Which of these classic toys was introduced earliest?• Which of these players has the NHL highest record for most career goals?• Which of these players was drafted the earliest in the 2013 NHL Draft?• Which of these poker hands is worth the most?• Which of these teams joined the NFL the earliest?• Which of these video game characters were introduced first?• Which of these videogame consoles was released the earliest?• Which sport has the most players per team in play at once?• Who was the oldest NFL quarterback at the start of the 2013 NFL season?• As of 2014, which of these countries are members of the European Union?• As of January 2014, which of these countries use the euro as their currency?• In which of these countries can you find a McDonald’s restaurant?• In which of these locations do you drive on the left side of the road?• Which of these African countries border the Atlantic Ocean?• Which of these animals are part of the Chinese Zodiac?• Which of these car manufacturers are Japanese companies?• Which of these car manufacturers originated in Europe?• Which of these cities are national capitals?• Which of these countries are found in Africa?• Which of these countries are in the “Greenwich Mean Time” time zone, the international standard of time?• Which of these countries are island nations?• Which of these countries are larger than the island nation of Greenland?• Which of these countries border the Baltic Sea?• Which of these countries does the Equator pass through?• Which of these countries have French as an official language?• Which of these countries have Spanish as an official language?• Which of these countries made up the former U.S.S.R.?• Which of these countries use nuclear power plants?• Which of these geographical names are deserts?• Which of these islands are in the Caribbean Sea?• Which of these lakes are found in Africa?• Which of these locations are U.S. national parks?• Which of these locations are cities?• Which of these national flags are red, white, and blue in color?• Which of these national flags dofeature stars?• Which of these seas are considered part of the Pacific Ocean?• As of 2013, which of these artists have had albums produced by Def Jam records?• As of 2013, which of these celebrities have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?• As of 2013, which of these country musicians have starred in a feature film set in the old west?• As of 2013, which of these film stars have also released a music album?• As of 2013, which of these musicians have published a book of their own poetry?• As of 2014, which of these actors have won both an Oscar and an Emmy Award?• As of 2014, which of these artists have performed at the Super Bowl Half-Time show?• As of 2014, which of these films made the American Film Institute’s Top 10 Sci-Fi Films of All-Time?• As of 2014, which of these locations have been titles of the TV series• Which of these TV series were produced by Nickelodeon?• Which of these albums are recordings of live performances?• Which of these albums were recorded by Pink Floyd?• Which of these artists had songs featured on the soundtrack to the film• Which of these artists or groups have won a Latin Grammy for best new artist?• Which of these artists/bands performed at Woodstock in 1969?• Which of these characters are James Bond villains?• Which of these characters are from the 1999 film• Which of these classic cartoon characters were voiced by Mel Blanc?• Which of these comedies star Seth Rogen?• Which of these films are based on Stephen King books?• Which of these films feature James Bond?• Which of these films feature vampires?• Which of these films has made more than a billion dollars at the box office worldwide?• Which of these films starred Gene Wilder?• Which of these films starred George Clooney?• Which of these films starred Scarlett Johansson?• Which of these films starred Sylvester Stallone?• Which of these films were produced by J.J. Abrams?• Which of these films were released in the 1990’s?• Which of these names are actors on the TV series• Which of these names are characters from the TV series• Which of these rock groups originate from England?• Which of these songs are by One Direction?• Which of these songs were originally recorded by The Beatles?• Which of these villains are from the originalTV series?• As of 2013, which of these companies are publicly traded?• As of 2013, which of these people have been named’s person of the year?• As of 2014, which of the following people have won a Nobel Peace Prize?• As of 2014, which of these are names of pets owned by Presidents of the United States?• As of 2014, which of these countries are members of OPEC, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries?• Which countries joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty when it began in 1968?• Which of the following inventions are from the 19th century?• Which of these U.S. presidents served in the military?• Which of these celebrities participated in the “Got Milk?” advertising campaign?• Which of these countries allied in opposition to the Axis Powers during World War II?• Which of these countries are members of the G20 economic group?• Which of these countries contributed to the building of the International Space Station?• Which of these countries did Germany occupy during WWII?• Which of these countries fought in World War I?• Which of these events were held during the ancient Olympic Games?• Which of these gods are Egyptian deities?• Which of these historical figures were Roman emperors?• Which of these historical regions arepresent day countries?• Which of these individuals were presidents of the United States of America?• Which of these inventions were created by the Roman Empire?• Which of these inventions were created by women?• Which of these names belonged to kings of England?• Which of these present day countries occupy land that was part of the Roman Empire?• Which of these sayings have been slogans for Coca-Cola?• Which of these states were members of the first 13 colonies of the United States of America?• Which of these things spread via the Silk Road trade route?• Which of these websites are part of the Gawker Media Group?• As of 2013, which of these DC Comics characters have been members of the Justice League?• As of 2014, which of the following works by science fiction author Philip K. Dick have been adapted into films?• In, which of these characters are Knights of the Round Table?• In thebook series, which of these characters work at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?• Which of these are books written by Dr. Seuss?• Which of these are musicals written by Rodgers and Hammerstein?• Which of these are novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky?• Which of these authors have won the Hugo Award for best science fiction or fantasy novel?• Which of these books were written by Charles Dickens?• Which of these characters are from Homer’s “The Odyssey”?• Which of these characters are from the musical• Which of these characters are members of The Fellowship of the Ring in the book• Which of these classic novels were written by Jules Verne?• Which of these classic stories were originally printed in• Which of these comic books were written by Alan Moore?• Which of these famous artists were painting in the 20th century?• Which of these instruments are in the strings family?• Which of these novels were made into movies that won the Academy Award for best adapted screenplay?• Which of these plays were written by Tennessee Williams?• Which of these plays were written by William Shakespeare?• Which of these plays won the Pulitzer Prize for drama?• Which of these poems were written by Pablo Neruda?• Which of these science fiction books feature aliens?• Which of these songs are originally from Broadway musicals?• Which of these terms are used to describe movements in Ballet?• Which of these villains made their first appearance in a Batman comic?• Which of these were Greek mythological heroes?• Which of these works of art were created by Andy Warhol?• Which of these works were painted by Picasso?• According to the World Wildlife Foundation, which of these animals are endangered species as of 2013?• Which of the following animals are mammals?• Which of the following names are constellations?• Which of these animals are a breed of dog?• Which of these animals are native to Africa?• Which of these animals are omnivores?• Which of these animals are reptiles?• Which of these animals are species of birds?• Which of these animals dolay eggs?• Which of these animals live in the Arctic?• Which of these birds are seabirds?• Which of these birds dopossess the ability to fly?• Which of these body parts are found in the human head?• Which of these books were written by physicist Stephen Hawking?• Which of these breeds are types of horses?• Which of these creatures areinsects?• Which of these creatures are herbivores?• Which of these creatures lived during the Jurassic period?• Which of these elements are listed as gases on the Periodic Table of Elements?• Which of these elements are radioactive?• Which of these everyday items were originally designed for space exploration?• Which of these fields are types of medical doctors?• Which of these inventions did Thomas Edison hold patents for?• Which of these letters can be found on the top row of a standard QWERTY keyboard?• Which of these names are types of sharks?• Which of these sea animals are invertebrates?• Which of these substances are real-life elements?• Which of these titles are versions of Apple’s OS X?• Which of these trees are evergreens?• As of 2013, which of these players have been named FIFA’s Player of the Year?• As of 2013, which of these pro golfers have won a Masters Golf tournament?• As of 2013, which of these tennis players have won all 4 Grand Slam tournaments?• As of 2014, which of these cities dohave an NBA franchise?• As of 2014, which of these cities has hosted the Summer Olympics?• As of 2014, which of these countries have hosted the FIFA World Cup?• As of the end of the 2012-13 season, which of these NHL teams have won the Stanley Cup at least once?• From 1900 to 2012, which of these sports have been Olympic events?• Which of the following cities will host a Formula One race as part of the 2014 season?• Which of these MLB players have hit over 500 career home runs?• Which of these NCAA teams are a part of the Big 12 conference?• Which of these NFL teams are in the National Football Conference, or NFC?• Which of these NFL teams have won a Super Bowl?• Which of these Transformers are members of the Autobots?• Which of these are ailments from the original Operation board game?• Which of these colors are karate belt colors?• Which of these drinks are Coca-Cola products?• Which of these foods are fruit?• Which of these football athletes have won the Heisman Trophy?• Which of these games traditionally uses dice?• Which of these locations are in the original version of the board game Clue?• Which of these names are Yoga poses?• Which of these names are flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?• Which of these sports are traditionally played on a court?• Which of these street names are also properties in the original version of Monopoly?• Which of these teams are in the National Hockey League?• Which of these teams played in the English Premier League’s 2013-2014 season?• Which of these terms are names of Martial Arts disciplines?• Which of these terms are types of knots?• Which of these two-letter words are acceptable in the board game Scrabble?• Which of these vegetables can be found in V8 Juice?• Begins with a rocket launch.• Boasts man-made structures built of sarsen stone.• Boasts the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world.• Boasts the longest continental mountain range.• Borders the Mediterranean Sea.• Borders the North Sea.• Colonized the country of Brazil.• Combines Catholic and Aztec cultures.• Completely surrounds the country of Lesotho.• Connects two oceans.• Contains Challenger Deep, the lowest point on earth.• Contains Dublin.• Contains Edinburgh.• Contains a restaurant.• Contains the Gulf Stream current.• Contains the longest mountain range in the world.• Contains what used to be portions of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.• Covers more total area than all the continents combined.• Destroyed Pompeii in 79 AD.• Developed its use of chili peppers from Portuguese explorers.• Didinclude milk drinking until the 20th century.• Doeshave any native snakes that are poisonous.• Doesuse locks.• Encompasses major seaports including Jakarta, Perth, and Mumbai.• Features sushi, which evolved from a method of preserving fish.• Flows into the Atlantic Ocean.• Flows north.• Gained its independence earlier, in 1816.• Gave women the right to vote earlier, in 1932.• Gets 89% of its energy from fossil fuels.• Goes through more countries.• Had a king whose nickname was “Bluetooth.”• Has Bangkok as its capital.• Has Oslo as its capital city.• Has Portuguese as its official language.• Has a larger area.• Has a larger population.• Has a larger population.• Has a much lower flow.• Has a population with a higher life expectancy.• Has a tent named the “Hippodrom.”• Has almost double the population, at 49 million.• Has celebrants that often wear decorative masks.• Has decorations that include orange marigolds.• Has erupted more recently, in 2008.• Has had over 2 billion vehicles drive across it, as of 2013.• Has hosted the Summer Olympics.• Has more countries, at 53.• Has more than twice as many airports.• Has no darkness for 70 days in some areas.• Has no official national language.• Has older man-made structures, built in 3000 – 2200 B.C.• Has over 90% of its population living in urban areas.• Has purple, green, and gold as its traditional colors.• Has recorded the hottest temperature on earth, at 134°F.• Has seven times more population, at 38 million.• Has the Colorado River running through it.• Has the greater land area, at 513,000 km².• Has the higher population as of 2014.• Has the indigenous name of Rapa Nui.• Has the strongest economy in South America.• Heavily features lamb and goat.• Hosts the Boryeong Mud Festival every year.• Imprisoned and later elected Nelson Mandela as its first president.• Is 55.86 meters tall.• Is Japan’s highest peak.• Is a bell tower.• Is a larger country by land area.• Is a larger producer of automobiles.• Is a major tourist attraction with casinos and luxury hotel.• Is almost 90% Roman Catholic.• Is an island nation.• Is associated with the color green.• Is bordered by two oceans.• Is closer to Japan.• Is considered to be the birthplace of grunge music.• Is crossed by the prime meridian, which signifies zero longitude.• Is famous for its mysterious sailing stones, rocks which seemingly move.• Is governed by a parliamentary democracy.• Is home to Capital Records.• Is home to Columbia University.• Is home to Lake Titicaca.• Is home to ancient giant sequoia trees.• Is home to kiwi birds.• Is home to man-made structures known as moai.• Is home to the Half Dome cliff.• Is home to the Racetrack Playa.• Is home to the Taj Mahal.• Is home to the headquarters of the United Nations.• Is home to the rapper Macklemore.• Is home to the ruins of Chichen Itza.• Is home to wallabies.• Is inhabited by pink snakes.• Is known as the “Lost City of the Incas.”• Is known for its bagpipes.• Is larger.• Is located in South America.• Is longer overall, at 193 km.• Is made of limestone.• Is made of marble.• Is named after royalty.• Is often incorrectly attributed as being visible from the moon.• Is painted “International Orange.”• Is part of the “New 7 Wonders of the World.”• Is part of the Swiss Alps.• Is part of the United Kingdom.• Is partially within the Arctic Circle.• Is represented in rugby tournaments by the All Blacks.• Is right next to the city of Naples.• Is roughly twice the height of the other.• Is separated from Morocco by the Straight of Gibraltar.• Is surrounded by the Ring of Fire, a long string of volcanoes.• Is taller, at 4,478 meters.• Is the birthplace of IKEA furniture stores.• Is the home of mobile phone company Nokia.• Is the home of the NFL team, the Seahawks.• Is the home of the NHL team the Canucks.• Is the largest country in the world.• Is the logo on the triangular-shaped package of Toblerone candy.• Is the only active volcano in mainland Europe.• Is the only continent to have every climate type.• Is the second smallest continent in the world.• Is the setting of Ernest Hemingway’s• Is the site of North America’s youngest glacier.• Is the world’s only perfectly circular ocean.• Is three times larger.• Is where Death Valley can be found.• Is where many land speed records have been set.• Joined the “Trillion Dollar Club” of world economies in 2004.• Labels itself the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.• Landed an unmanned rover on the moon in 2013.• Makes use of curries.• Originally had steam engines that lifted its middle span.• Originated from a horse race.• Scares tourists with the legend of “Drop Bears”.• Sits at a high elevation and cannot be seen from below.• Takes place in Pamplona.• Translates to “Fat Tuesday.”• Typically ends on Ash Wednesday.• Was a Spanish colony ceded to the U.S. after the Spanish-American War.• Was built early in the 12th century.• Was built to honor the Hindu god Vishnu.• Was constructed earlier.• Was defined more recently, in 2000.• Was first climbed in 1865.• Was given to the State of California by Abraham Lincoln in 1864.• Was marked with a granite slab known as the “Dream Stele.”• Was named by the famous explorer Dr. David Livingstone.• Was opened earlier, in 1869.• Was originally a settlement named “Gastown.”• Was originally named New Amsterdam.• Was originally started by the French.• Was painted red, white, and blue in 1977 to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.• Was rediscovered in 1911.• Was referred to by a local newspaper as “a thirty-five million dollar steel harp” on its opening day.• Was the birthplace of coffee.• Was the founding site of early human ancestor “Lucy.”• Was the home of Robert the Bruce.• Was the touchdown location for NASA’s Stardust mission.• Was used as a German observation post in World War II.• Acted in the film• Aired first.• Aired for more seasons.• Airs on the CBS Television Network.• Appeared at the end of the 2012 film• Appeared earlier, in 1933.• Appeared earlier, in 1979.• Appeared in the 1996 film• Appeared on the cover of three of Francine Pascal’s books.• Are both vegan.• Are fronted by Wesley Schultz.• Are led by musician Trent Reznor.• As of 2013, has been the number one daytime drama for more than 20 consecutive years.• As of 2013, has more Academy Award nominations for best director, with eight nominations.• As of 2014, has been nominated for more Academy Awards, at four.• As of 2014, has been nominated for more Oscars, at six.• As of 2014, has grossed almost a billion more dollars at the U.S. Box Office.• As of 2014, has grossed more money at the U.S. Box Office.• As of 2014, has grossed more money at the U.S. Box Office.• As of 2014, has more categories awarded, at 82.• As of 2014, has won more Grammy Awards, totaling 21.• As of 2014, has won the Academy Award for Best Director more times, with two wins.• As of 2014, is the top-grossing director of all-time.• Battled Arnold Schwarzenegger in its first appearance.• Battles the malevolent mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products.• Began in radio before moving on to television.• Began most episode titles with the prefix “The one with…” or “The one where…”• Begins each movie with a vignette following a squirrel named Scrat.• Claimed the record for the highest-rated hour of cable television ever with 16.1 million viewers in 2013.• Collaborated with Pharrell Williams in 2013.• Comes from Skull Island.• Constantly deal with faulty products from Acme Corporation.• Created a concert series with Bono, Celine Deon and others that raised millions for charity.• Created the TV series• Directed the film• Directed the film• Directed the film• Directed the filmand its sequel• Discovered a Grammy winner in its first season.• Enrolled in Harvard at age 16.• Famously features a “top ten list” on his show.• Famously quipped, “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.”• Featured Ringo Starr on drums.• Featured characters in the Warner Brothers water tower after the credits of every episode.• Featured the comedy bit “Headlines” on his show.• Featured the romance of Jim and Pam.• Features Keith Richards playing guitar solos.• Features N.A.S.A.’s Voyager 1.• Features a group of covert penguins.• Features prehistoric animals.• Features small yellow minions.• Features the superhero Metro Man.• Features the villain Vector.• Features time travel.• Fired their original lead guitarist, Dave Mustaine, who went on to form Megadeth.• First aired on CBS.• First appeared in a 1987 commercial for Heinz Tomato Ketchup.• Follows the Brady, the Horton, and the DiMera families.• Formed a charitable foundation to fight childhood obesity in 2003.• Formed earlier, in 1988.• Found fame on the TV series• Founded Harpo Productions, a U.S. based multimedia production company.• Got his start in the TV series• Grossed more worldwide at the box office.• Guest starred on the TV series• Had Gregory Peck as a president.• Had a cameo in the 1992 film• Had a hit song which sampled French house duo Daft Punk.• Had a pet dinosaur named Spot.• Had a short-lived spin-off show named• Had more seasons.• Had several sequels.• Had television host Conan O’Brien as a writer for several seasons.• Had the first draft of its script written by two fifteen-year-olds.• Had their song “Gale Song” onsoundtrack.• Had their song “Hurt” covered by Johnny Cash.• Has a “Diary Room” where the stars confess their secrets to the audience.• Has a cameo appearance by punk band Blink-182.• Has a character voiced by David Schwimmer.• Has a guitarist who goes by the stage name “The Edge.”• Has a scene where Spock kisses Uhura.• Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.• Has appeared in films directed by Ridley Scott and James Cameron.• Has been on air longer, with 49 seasons as of 2014.• Has blind auditions, with decisions based solely on voice and not on looks.• Has directed a film that won the Academy Award for Best Picture.• Has directed the two biggest box office films of all time.• Has had Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as judges.• Has had Shakira and Usher as coaches.• Has had on the board of directors.• Has its name inspired by George Orwell’s novel,• Has performed for eight U.S. Presidents.• Has scored the majority of long-time friend Tim Burton’s films.• Has two sons.• Has won 16 Grammy Awards.• Has won more Grammy Awards, at 4 wins.• Have a smaller age difference between them, at 15 years.• Have starred in the same film.• Included Uncle Fester, who was played by Christopher Lloyd in the 1991 film adaptation.• Included the famous line “Here’s looking at you, kid.”• Is Canadian.• Is also a deep-sea explorer.• Is an Irish rock band from Dublin.• Is based on a comic book series.• Is classified as a T-800 Model 101.• Is commonly referred to as “a show about nothing.”• Is commonly referred to as the “King of the Monsters.”• Is considered one of the top 15 best-written TV series of all time by the Writers Guild of America.• Is famous for his collection of classic cars.• Is fronted by lead vocalist, pianist, and rhythm guitarist Chris Martin.• Is hosted by Carson Daly.• Is hosted by Jeff Probst.• Is produced by Vince Gilligan.• Is set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem.• Is the daughter of actor Jon Voight.• Is the longest running American sitcom.• Is the national spokesman for the Boys and Girls Club of America.• Is the voice of Chris in the TV series• Knocked Sugar Ray Leonard down in• Lends his name to a brand of protein powder.• Lived on 1313 Mockingbird Lane.• Lost his memory in the film• Made, andwith Robert Deniro.• Married American R&B singer Beyoncé in 2008.• Offers an award with the rarely used official name “The Award of Merit.”• Originally aired in the Netherlands.• Originally formed in Australia.• Played Chandler Bing on the TV series• Played Lonestar in the film• Played a werewolf on the TV series• Played the U.S. President in the film• Played their first gig at the Marquee Club in London.• Plays himself in the British/American sitcom• Popularized the exclamation “d’oh!” which has since been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.• Possesses advanced technology.• Ranks James T. Kirk as an Admiral.• Received a knighthood from the Queen in 2003.• Recorded “Ho Hey.”• Recorded at Abbey Road.• Recorded the song “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”.• Refuse to use their songs for product endorsements, declining several multi-million dollar contracts.• Releasedin 2012.• Released one of the top 10 best selling albums of all time.• Released the 2002 album• Released the 2008 album• Released their best-selling album,, in 1991.• Revolves around the theft of the moon.• Saved the president’s daughter in the film• Scored Christopher Nolan’s• Served as an army Staff Sergeant in the film• Share the same birthday, September 25th.• Shot a music video with Oscar winning director, Darren Aronofsky.• Starred Plucky Duck.• Starred Ricky Gervais.• Starred Wakko.• Starred William Shatner.• Starred in a sitcom which was a spin-off of the TV series• Starred in films such aswith Bruce Willis andwith Zac Efron.• Starred in the HBO series• Starred in the TV Series• Starred in the film• Starred in the film• Starred in the film• Stars Will Ferrell.• Takes place during the 24th century.• Takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico.• Took place at the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.• Topped AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies list.• Traveled through time.• Voiced the Grundle King in 1986’s• Was Emmy nominated for Best Dramatic Series.• Was a member of the Three Tenors.• Was a punk in the originalfilm.• Was a veiled biography of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst.• Was based on characters from a newspaper cartoon.• Was born in Brooklyn, New York.• Was born in California.• Was cancelled and then revived two years later.• Was co-created by Larry David.• Was created by Seth MacFarlane.• Was described as a five year mission in the intro sequence.• Was driven by the grand mystery of what “Rosebud” meant.• Was founded earlier, in 1927.• Was listed among TV Guide’s “60 Greatest TV Cartoons of All Time”.• Was nominated’s most beautiful person for the third time in 2005.• Was originally a human named Alex Murphy.• Was produced by Judd Apatow.• Was released earlier, in 2002.• Was the first animated series produced by Steven Spielberg.• Was the first late-night host to book a sitting president, Barack Obama.• Was the first winner of the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the 2002 Emmy Awards.• Was the lead singer and songwriter for the rock band• Was the victor of their first showdown in the 1962 film• Was written by Robert Orci.• Went to Harvard University.• Were created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.• Were created earlier, in 1940.• Were given voices for their 1992 full length film.• Were married earlier, in 2000.• Will be on the air longer, until 2015.• Won a Tony award for• Won an Academy Award for Best Picture.• Won an Academy Award in 2013.• Won an Oscar for the film• Won more Emmy Awards, with 10 wins.• Won the 2014 Grammy Award for Album of the Year.• Won the Grammy for Album of the Year in 2012.• Won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.• Won the first-ever Outstanding Non-Fiction Program Emmy Award.• Wrote the theme music for the TV series• Abolished border controls between member countries.• Are famously quoted as being less powerful than Superman.• As of 2013, is ranked higher on the Fortune 500.• As of 2014, is the only woman to win the Nobel Prize in two fields.• Ascended to the throne at a younger age, at nine years old.• At age 44, suffered a collapse and a complete loss of his mental faculties.• Became Duke of Normandy at age eight.• Became Egypt’s first Roman emperor.• Began sailing when he was only 15 years old.• Began the single market in 1993.• Called for the other to be removed from office.• Calls itself “the front page of the internet.”• Carry students to Hogwarts in the J. K. Rowling book series• Centers around the three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.• Classified democracy as a deviant form of government.• Coined the word “radioactivity.”• Conquered the Persian Empire.• Controlled Russia through World War II.• Created the cereal Cheerios.• Developed the “Total War” strategy.• Discovered and named the Pacific Ocean.• Doesinvolve the worship of a supreme being.• Earned the title “Little Sure Shot” for her gun skill.• Encourages abstaining from earthly comforts.• Famously gave his “I have a dream” speech.• Filmed the world’s first commercial in space, with a can of the drink floating outside the MIR Space Station.• Financially supported William Shakespeare.• Formerly owned Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken.• Fought in World War II.• Founded the Bolshevik Party, committed to workers’ rights.• Founded the Olympic Games.• Had Abraham Lincoln as the first president of the party.• Had Aristotle as a tutor.• Had Dwight Eisenhower as a member.• Had a son with Cleopatra.• Had his views summarized in the quote “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”• Had more than 15 million units built in Michigan.• Had two centuries of peace called the Pax Romana.• Has an olive branch in its insignia.• Has an unknown cause of death, which is the source of much debate.• Has disciples pursue Nirvana.• Has the symbol of a donkey.• Have a calendar that ends in 2012.• Held a PhD in theology.• Helped fund and begin the University of Chicago.• Helped spark the Age of Enlightenment.• Is a Portuguese explorer.• Is an ancestor of every monarch of England since his reign.• Is credited with accidentally discovering the Americas while trying to find a shortcut to Asia.• Is credited with bringing the Roman Empire into its Golden Age.• Is famously credited for saying “I know that I know nothing.”• Is featured on the HBO series• Is listed higher on’s 100 Most Significant Figures in History, at #42.• Is nicknamed the “Grand Old Party.”• Is officially sponsoring the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup in 2014.• Is owned by Comcast.• Is the home of the AMA, or “Ask Me Anything.”• Is the namesake of the M4 Tank.• Is the older belief system, dating back to 1500 B.C.• Is the oldest U.S. film studio.• Is the only known human to have become fully accepted into chimpanzee society.• Joined with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson to form The Highwaymen.• Knighted Francis Drake after his voyage around the world.• Mandates its Security Council to “maintain peace.”• Never wrote any texts himself, instead having his ideas transcribed by students.• Occurred during King George V’s reign.• Occurred during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.• Offers the cereal Rice Krispies.• Operates a theme park in Florida.• Organized the Standard Oil Company.• Performed for Queen Victoria.• Preferred sneak attacks and smaller weapons.• Produced thefranchise.• Produced the first film version ofin 1935.• Protects copyright holders using a technology called “Content ID.”• Received a Medal of Honor.• Restored the Anglican Church as the church of England.• Sold more records worldwide, at over one billion.• Solidified rules and regulations with the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009.• Spoke Nahuatl.• Starred in 33 films.• Structured their empire with city states.• Studied the stars.• Trademarked its script logo in 1893, and still uses it today.• Used non-violence as a form of protest earlier, in 1915.• Used prolonged fasting as a method of protest.• Uses “karma” to rate its users.• Was a direct descendant of Alexander the Great.• Was a member of the “First Triumvirate.”• Was a title character in a play written by William Shakespeare.• Was a tutor to a thirteen-year-old Alexander the Great.• Was adopted by Sitting Bull.• Was born in Scotland.• Was born more recently, in 1934.• Was born with the last name Dzugashvili.• Was close with Julius Caesar.• Was divided into War and Peace factions during the Civil War.• Was elected Chairman of the Board of Remington Rand.• Was founded as the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company.• Was founded earlier, in 1866.• Was home of the Colosseum.• Was known as “The War to End All Wars”.• Was known for dressing in men’s clothing.• Was named Empress of India by her Prime Minister.• Was nicknamed the “Tin Lizzie.”• Was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 5 times, but never won it.• Was only in power for seven years.• Was played on film by Joaquin Phoenix.• Was portrayed by Colin Farrell in a 2004 historical drama.• Was portrayed by Tony Steedman in the 1989 film• Was priced at $260 in 1924, making it widely affordable.• Was purchased by Google for $1.65 Billion.• Was ruled by dictator Julius Caesar.• Was the birthplace of democracy.• Was the first American product to be produced and sold in the former Soviet Union.• Was the first car that wasa modified stagecoach.• Was the first car to be produced on the revolutionary “moving assembly line.”• Was the 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Do persian cats need ac?

Pets with short muzzles like pugs, bulldogs and Persian cats are at a higher risk of becoming overheated because they cannot effectively pant. These pets should be kept in rooms with air conditioning so they can stay cool.

Are cats ok in 90 degree weather?

Because of their high body temperature, cats can theoretically be okay in hot weather, around 100°F outside. Their tolerance can vary widely depending on humidity, your cat’s health, age, and even type of fur. It’s best to err on the safe side and avoid the hottest parts of the day altogether.

Are cats afraid of ac?

If left as is, prolonged stress over long periods of time (think daily use of your blow-dryer or constant use of your AC), your cat can suffer extreme anxiety that is both unnecessary and heart-breaking.

Can persian cat tolerate heat?

Many cats do just fine in hot weather, but if you have a Persian cat, you’ll need to be extra cautious about keeping your kitty cool. Persians are a flat-faced, or brachycephalic, breed, meaning that their short noses and overall facial conformation might lead to reduced breathing efficiency and breathing conditions.

Can persian cats live in hot weather?

Unless you live in an area with an average temperature which is 30 degrees or lower, or can keep the cat constantly in air conditioning in hot weather I would not recommend getting a Persian Cat. Persians are very well behaved.

Can a kitten be in ac?

Yes, kittens can sleep in AC just fine. Do provide a baby blanket or some sort of place it can nest in. My cats live in AC five months of the year. They do like to snuggle with me, but other times they get a bit warm chasing one another and will lie down on the tiles or in front of a fan.

Can cats be ok without ac?

Some veterinarians recommend leaving the AC on a moderate but still comfortable setting, such as 75–78℉. Leaving the fan on without the AC isn’t enough. Fans don’t cool cats (or dogs) nearly as well as they cool humans. So keep that air conditioning running.

Can cats overheat indoors?

If a cat gets too hot, he might become less active, seek a cooler spot in your home or on your floor, or drink more water. He might even start panting if he’s especially overheated. He will need to cool down right away in that situation.

Can cats use pee pads?

Lay the pee pad flat on the bottom or make sure it’s big enough to drape over the sides. The cat should pee on it out of habit. Training a cat to use a pee pad can also be much like training a cat to use the litter box. Place some of the cat’s stool on the pee pad to give him the idea, Andrea says.

Can cats wear diapers?

Can cats wear diapers? Absolutely. They are especially helpful for cats with health issues that cause incontinence. They can also be a simple solution for female cats in heat.

Can heat affect cats?

How Does Heat Affect Cats? Like yourself, your child, or your dog, your cat can overheat in the summer. Heatstroke is serious in any animal – and requires immediate emergency veterinary attention. Even though humans sweat to cool themselves in the summer heat, your cat’s body isn’t as efficient.

Can we feed egg to persian cats?

No. Raw eggs are not good for cats. When eggs are not cooked, they can harbor bacteria like Salmonella.

Can we keep persian kitten in ac?

Unless you live in an area with an average temperature which is 30 degrees or lower, or can keep the cat constantly in air conditioning in hot weather I would not recommend getting a Persian Cat. Persians are very well behaved.

Do persian cats need a lot of attention?

Behaviour & temperament Persians love attention, but definitely won’t demand it. Don’t take your buddy for granted; just because they’re not throwing themselves at you the second you get in the door doesn’t mean they don’t need lots of fuss and attention.

Do persian cats need conditioner?

Persians have long hair, and this long hair should be conditioned. Conditioning your cat’s hair and skin will help to moisturize the skin, hydrate the coat, and keep the hair soft and tangle free. Make sure it is a conditioner safe for cats. Do not use human conditioner.

Do persian cats take baths?

Persian cat baths are an important part of the grooming process. Due to their long hair, Persian cats require frequent grooming, especially if they are show cats. A wide metal comb or soft brush is typically recommended, as plastic combs have a tendency to create static.

Do cats feel cold in ac?

Can Air Conditioners Make Your Cat or Dog Sick? Unfortunately, there is no magic number for an AC setting that will provide the ideal temperature for your cat or dog. If your air conditioning settings are too cold for your pet than yes, it can make them sick.

Do cats feel hot in summer?

When the heat arrives, cats can not only feel hot and bothered – they are at more risk of potentially fatal heatstroke. Keeping feline temperatures as low as possible during the balmy summer months is vital, so here are our top tips for cool cats…

Do cats get cold from fans?

No, cats are not likely to catch a cold from a fan. Thus, a fan will help them just as much as a person. A fan’s increased air circulation will not help your cat chill off. Humans are affected by wind chill (or breezes) because we sweat. Fans do not modify the air temperature; instead, they enhance the wind chill.

Do cats get hot easily?

But can cats get too hot? Just because they like the heat doesn’t mean they can handle soaring temperatures in the summer months. Without adequate ways to cool down, cats can get too hot, and can suffer from heat exhaustion or even heatstroke (which can be fatal) during hot weather.

Do cats get hot or cold?

Do Cats Get Cold? Unless they’re a very short-haired or hairless breed, cats typically have warm coats, and (hopefully) they stay inside. However, they can still get cold.

Do cats get hungry at night?

Hunger. Cats often wake in the night to feed, which fits with their natural instinct to hunt in the twilight hours. Old age. Changes in sleeping patterns are common as cats age.

Do cats like warm or cold weather?

Cats prefer warmth but will be okay in rooms hovering between 50-60 degrees. This is not ideal for them though, and you’ll likely notice your cat seeking out additional heat by snuggling up to a radiator, blanket, or you! How cold is too cold for outdoor cats?

Do cats like warm weather?

Cats enjoy warm weather. They are also good at keeping themselves cool if necessary, with a little help from humans (so perhaps they are intelligent after all). Here’s how to help protect them from excessive heat: Don’t let your cat go outside between 10am and 3pm.